Monday, January 6, 2014

And You Thought NAFTA Hurt American Workers?

And you thought NAFTA hurt American workers?

I know we're all dealing with the struggles of life, income, moving in the Winter, the illness or passing of loved ones, mental health, and Weather.

But this is both Frightening and Important.  Please, I respectfully ask that you read this long article and write at least One letter.  I don't know what President Obama is doing, but when multi-national corporations are given the power to overturn national laws, I feel sold out!

Dear Friends and Activists,
As promised, tonight we launch a massive new letters to the editor
initiative against fast track treatment for the so-called Trans
Pacific Partnership, a proposal so bad members of Congress risk going
to prison if they even try to tell us what's in it. But from leaked
documents we know it's all about giving corporations veto power over
national laws on pollution, on labor, on privacy, and everything
For more detailed information on this issue there are numerous
supporting reference links on the action page itself.
As if the last session of Congress didn't get little enough done, the
first thing some members of Congress want to push for in the next is
to completely abdicate their constitutional duty to make trade
policy, by fast tracking the so-called Trans Pacific Partnership
without a second thought.
No Fast Track For The Trans Pacific Partnership action page:
Why should a member of Congress have to risk going to prison just to
tell us what is being secretly negotiated behind our backs? Why do we
have to find out only from leaked documents that they are trying to
give corporations veto power over the national laws of any country on
pollution, labor, privacy and everything else?
Thankfully, 151 wise and dutiful members of the House have already
signed the Rosa L. DeLauro letter, 22 members have signed the Walter
B. Jones letter, and 12 members have signed the John B. Larson
letter, protesting this fast track proposal. This is not a partisan
For the rest:
We, the people, demand that you immediately make a like commitment in
writing to oppose any consideration of the terms of the Trans Pacific
Partnership not conducted in the full light of day on the floors of
the U.S. Congress.
In particular, we, the people, demand that members of the Senate
demonstrate parallel leadership to put a majority of senators on the
record in writing opposing fast track for the TPP.
Did we mention, this is an election year?
No Fast Track For The Trans Pacific Partnership action page:
The above is the actual text of the petition sent by the link also
above. As you know from our last alert we have just freshly revamped
and updated our letters to the editor function, and there is a
special innovation on this action page we have created especially for
this campaign.
People write us and ask, "Why can't someone create an easy way to
track how members of congress have voted?" We've gone one better.
There is a special new button right on the action page which
instantly determines your members of Congress, and tells you where
they stand on this issue.
This same petition also goes directly to the Senate Finance Committee
and the House Ways And Means Committee, the first places we need to
make a stand against this. And as we hold their feet to the fire, we
will update the info so you can know exactly who is responsibly
representing you, and who just works exclusively for some big
corporate donor.
Now, please take a moment to continue reading why it is so important
for you to use the letters to the editor function, and how it works
exactly. A former congressional aide recently wrote that NOTHING gets
the attention of members of Congress more than when their NAME
appears in a letter to the editor.
Think about it. They might get 10,000 phone calls or 100,000 emails
in their offices, but who's to know? Who's to call them out on it?
But when there is PUBLICITY, that's what really gets their attention.
So we are asking you not only to add your personal comments, intended
as a free standing letter to a newspaper, to your action page
submissions, but make a special point of working in the name of your
members of Congress, and your feelings about their position on this.
In the case of the newspapers, keep in mind they will not get the
petition text, just your own words.
We must mention a couple more things that are VERY important for our
policy advocacy success together. Most newspapers like letters to be
no more than about 200 words, so this is a safe number to be in the
ball park of. Also, please do not include any internet website links
in your comments. Newspaper want to know what YOU have to say, not
publish links for people to just leave their own newspaper site.
And while a phone number is not required by our action page form for
regular congressional submissions, newspapers universally require one
so they can confirm you are a real person who authorizes publication
of your letter.
Then, after you submit the action page, feel free to request the must
have new "Expressway To Trade Hell, Trans Pacific Partnership" bumper
stick. Imagine a barren highway racing towards a horizon in flames,
with a sign post that tells you where this is going. This is the most
dramatic bumper sticker we have ever done, and you can have one for
no charge, not even shipping just by requesting one from this page.
Expressway To Trade Hell Trans Pacific Partnership bumper stickers:
Of course, if you can make a contribution of any amount, this is what
makes it possible for us to sent free stickers to anyone who cannot
afford to make a contribution right now.
Thank you for your faithful diligence in reading this alert to the
end. Every word in it is critical stuff you will need to know so that
we can win.
You may forward this message to any friends who would find it
Contributions to The People's Email Network are not tax-deductible
for federal income tax purposes.
If you would like to be added to our distribution list, go to
Or if don't want to receive our messages, just go to

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