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I am gradually down sizing.  Have found a person who I can donate bird cages to.  Sad but good.  Check out Barbie as Ursula the Sea Witch and 1999 Fairy of the Forest Barbie on my Facebook page.  I'm considering using Etsy to sell items, as it is already established, but need to take time to check it out first.

Politics below.

We Love Our Land
Lobbyists and politicians want you to think that the oil from the Keystone XL pipeline
will help the United States achieve energy independence.
But despite TransCanada’s economic fairytale, the truth remains: Keystone XL is a
losing deal for the American people, and a boon for foreign countries like China.
Tonight, we’re airing a message before and after President Obama’s State of the Union
address to remind the American people that the Keystone XL pipeline is a sucker’s
deal for the United States.
Will you help us make sure as many people as possible see our ad by sharing it on Twitter?
35 permanent US jobs is not a job creator. #KeystoneXL is only #MadeThroughtheUSA #SOTU
Take Action
Thanks for all you do,
P.S. As one of our supporters, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to see
our ad —
be one of the first people to see our State of the Union ad.

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Pembina Institute

As his adult children sobbed a few feet away, Dennis McGuire suffered for 24 long
minutes while Ohio used an untested drug to execute him.
A small group of
pharmacists are keeping executions running on experimental drugs after everyone else
has refused to participate.
Let's demand that the American Pharmaceutical Association bans their members from
participating, and end these cruel executions.
Sign the Petition
Two weeks ago, the state of Ohio executed a man using a method that witnesses say
was one of the most cruel and unusual in recent history.
Dennis McGuire suffered for 24 long minutes before finally passing away
 -- because Ohio decided to use an untested drug to kill him.
With doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical companies all refusing to participate in
a small group of pharmacists are experimenting with untested, lethal injection cocktails
 to gruesomely kill people like Dennis McGuire and keep executions happening.
If the American Pharmaceutical Association would ban their members from participating
in executions, we could stop lethal injections
 and end almost all executions in the US.
Tell the American Pharmaceutical Association: Stop your involvement in executions now.
Electric chairs, gas chambers, hangings, and firing squads have been banned by almost
all states, leaving lethal injection as the only legal method of killing left. But
lethal injection by its very nature requires medical professionals to be involved.
Doctors and nurses have long since barred themselves from participating in executions
, and they haven’t participated for decades. More recently, all major pharmaceutical
companies have banned their drugs from being used.
So states have been been forced to turn to so-called “compounding pharmacists” --
who are not regulated by the FDA -- to develop untested cocktails like the one used
to kill McGuire.
Ahead of the American Pharmaceutical Association’s annual meeting this spring, let's
tell pharmacists in the US to do something that they should have done decades ago:
ban pharmacists from executions and effectively end capital punishment in most states.
American Pharmaceutical Association: Ban your members from participating in executions.
McGuire was injected with a lethal cocktail that a federal judge conceded ahead of
time was an "experiment in lethal injection processes".
As his adult children sobbed a few feet away in a witness room, McGuire suffered
for 24 long minutes
 -- calling out to his children and struggling loudly for air. It was one of the
longest executions since Ohio resumed capital punishment in 1999.
Without medical professionals, it would be impossible for states to produce lethal
injection cocktails. Doctors and nurses in the US are already banned by their professional
associations from participating in state killings. But some
pharmacists, a profession that is meant to help and save people, are participating
in these killings for a few extra dollars.
 Let’s call on pharmacists to ban their profeession from participating in capital
Call on pharmacists to take a stand against any involvement in capital punishment.
Thank you for all you do,
Angus, Kelsey, Martin, and the rest of the team at SumOfUs
More Information:
Ohio executes inmate using untried, untested lethal injection method,
 The Guardian, 16 January 2014
Did Ohio's New Lethal-Injection Cocktail Lead to a Cruel and Unusual Death For Dennis McGuire?,
 Slate, 16 January 2014
SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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Personal Comment:  This is priceless, don't you think?  A University Specializing in Educating us being inaccessible TO us, more than twenty years after the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act?
I'm blind and had to switch colleges because I couldn't access class materials. Sign my petition asking Congress to pass the TEACH Act so disabled students can have equal access in the classroom.
Sign Jamie's Petition
As a blind high schooler, I couldn't just apply to my top colleges -- I had to make
sure that classes were going to be made accessible for me, and I was excited to attend
Florida State University because they had a great program for training teachers of
the blind.
But when I started classes at FSU, I quickly found out that the school didn't have
the accessible tools I needed to learn and complete all my work.
 My online classes weren't compatible with my screen reader and I couldn't access
materials in any of my math or biology classes. I struggled for three years, and
eventually decided to change schools.
I sued FSU for failing to meet state and federal disability laws,
but I don't want other blind students like me to experience what I had to go through.
I started a petition on asking Congress to pass the TEACH Act to make sure that all students with disabilities have equal access to learning. Click here to sign my petition.
When I approached the administration at FSU about the inaccessible materials, they
suggested I try an “easier” major instead of trying to help me and other students
with disabilities. I felt like the school was punishing me instead of trying to help
me learn.
That's why I believe in the TEACH Act. While federal laws require colleges to only
deploy accessible materials, they were written before technology became part of the
classroom, so schools like FSU have no direction for how the laws apply to students
like me.
The TEACH Act creates much-needed guidelines illustrating how schools can provide
instructional technology that is usable for students with disabilities.
I believe that public support of the TEACH Act through my petition will show members
of Congress that constituents around the country believe there is an urgent need
for this. But they won't do it without you.
Sign my petition demanding that Congress pass the TEACH Act, creating guidelines for schools to protect equal access in the classroom for blind students.
Thank you for your support.
Jamie Principado
Sign Jamie's Petition
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After President Obama's State of the Union address, tune in for a live progressive
response anchored by Ben Wikler of the MoveOn-powered podcast The Good Fight and
the AFL-CIO's Thea Lee, featuring guest commentators from leading progressive and
labor groups and responding to your comments and questions (tweet at us with the
hashtag #SOTUnion). Streaming provided by We Act Radio. Don't miss it!
Click Here to Watch!
Click here to see the full results of the 2014 MoveOn Member Priorities Survey.
Dear MoveOn member,
We've just finished tallying up the results from the Official 2014 Member Priorities
Survey—and wanted to make sure you were among the first to see them.
This year, MoveOn members will lead thousands of powerful campaigns, from our local
city halls to the halls of Congress. And as a national MoveOn community, we'll pick
a small number of high-priority campaigns where we pool our resources and focus to
make the biggest impact.
Here are the top national priorities MoveOn members identified for 2014, out of dozens
of worthwhile options, in priority order:
1. Work to overturn Citizens United
 and get money out of our politics.
2. Pass a new Voting Rights Act and stop voter suppression in the states.
3. Prevent war with Iran.
4. Raise the minimum wage (federally or locally).
5. Work to defend and expand Social Security benefits.
6. Fight against fracking and other polluting industries.
7. Fully implement Obamacare.
Members also overwhelmingly said we should use this as a guide, but have the flexibility
to shift and be responsive to opportunities as they emerge.
See the full results of the 2014 MoveOn Member Priorities Survey.
It's an ambitious agenda, but if there's any community of folks who can make progress
on all those fronts, it's MoveOn members. In the first few weeks of 2014, we've hit
the ground running.
We marked the four-year anniversary of
 Citizens United
by co-hosting a movement-wide virtual teach-in, building support for the soon-to-be-introduced
Government by the People Act, and getting ready to respond to the Supreme Court's
pending McCutcheon ruling (which could open the floodgates for even more millionaires
and billionaires to corrupt our political system with out-of-control spending on
MoveOn members have launched campaigns in every congressional district in America
to improve and pass the new Voting Rights Act
—and are gearing up for nationally coordinated action.
And we've already made a difference in helping ease the standoff with Iran. More
than 150,000 members have taken action by signing petitions, making over 10,000 phone
calls, and descending on decision makers in person—calling for Senate Democrats to
support, not undermine, the Obama Administration's efforts at diplomacy.
But we're just getting started.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping to shape the direction of this extraordinary
community. As you'r
e watching President Obama's State of the Union address tonight, be sure to watch
how well it lines up with our shared priorities,
then join us for a discussion of what you thought on a live edition of The Good Fight right after the speech
Thanks for all you do.
–Anna, Stefanie, Ilya, Matt B., and the rest of the team
"Support for new Iran sanctions wanes," MSNBC, January 17, 2014
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 We're entirely funded by our 8 million members—no corporate contributions, no big
checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way.
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