Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get Your Laws Off My Body, and a Personal Note about Dolls

Get Your Laws Off My Body

When will legislators Ever understand that regulating when babies are born is Not Their Business?  If all of those people concerned with "family values" adopted unwanted, African American, biracial, and disabled kids I'd be Much more likely to take them seriously.  As it is, I Can't.

The title of this post was scrawled inside a women's bathroom stall and read to me by Ann years ago.  It was so to the point that I never forgot it.

Ok, you will have to look up this organization to make the links work.

Unrelated personal note.  I do leather drafts and am experimenting with making doll shoes to go with outfits for 18 inch dolls.  A couple of days ago I checked out K-Mart's "What a Doll" which I think is also being sold by Sears.  Some have nicer feeling hair than others.  Kids may not notice, but I cracked up when I realized these dolls have no backside.  Where their bottoms should be they are flat as pancakes.  But in front, well, either they have Very low tummies, or their bottoms were stuck in front, instead of in back.  Too bad, because they have a couple of nice face variations.  I didn't buy one, even though kids might not notice.  I figure an "American Girl" "Journey Girls" and a "BFC (Best Friends Club" are enough for models, and a "Karito Kid".

Back to the Serious topic of legislators dictating family planning for citizens, see below!

Right-wingers in Congress want massive cuts to women's health care. This week they're
pushing a bill that would take away birth control coverage and de-fund Planned Parenthood.
We need to show them that this strategy is going to backfire with voters.
Can you sign the petition?
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Right-wing politicians are advancing
a new law that would de-fund Planned Parenthood and repeal birth control coverage.
They're tying it to legislation that is required to pass in order to fund critical
government operations.
It's expected to come up for a vote next week.
It will probably pass the House of Representatives. And political insiders are saying
that right-wing members of Congress are going to keep pushing this and similar bills
because their goal is to win massive cuts to women's health programs in every budget
negotiation of the year.
If we don't speak out, they'll get what they want.
 They've been able to win restrictions to women's health repeatedly over the years
because enough of us aren't making our voices heard.
But we can stop them and make sure their plan backfires. Voters have spoken: They
value the work Planned Parenthood does,
 they strongly support birth control coverage
 and they think women should make decisions about their own health--not politicians.
If hundreds of thousands of us show Congress and the media that we're not going to
let them gut women's health care, we'll expose how unpopular their plan is and lawmakers
worried about their elections this fall will be forced to back off.
 But we need a really strong outcry to win. Can you sign the petition?
Add your name to the petition
All of us working together have been able stop the right-wing from gutting women's
health before. In February, Tea Party members of Congress were intent on repealing
the birth control coverage provision in the Affordable Care Act, but millions of
us spoke out and the media took notice. It quickly became clear that voters were
disgusted by their attacks and they were forced to back off. Now they're hoping to
revive that push, betting that we've all stopped paying attention.
Specifically, the bill being advanced in the House of Representatives:
De-funds Planned Parenthood and Title X family planning services.
Blocks the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
Allows any employer to deny women birth control coverage for "moral reasons."
Increases spending for abstinence-only education.
We need a loud public outcry against this attempt to roll back women's most fundamental
rights. There are going to be numerous fights before and after the election in Congress
on spending and budget bills--and conservatives are clear that their number one priority
is going to be cutting funding for women's health programs.
If we don't show them that voters aren't going to stand for it, they will get their
way. Please sign today, and send this to all of your contacts.
Add your name to the petition
Thanks for speaking out,
--Nita, Shaunna and Kat, the UltraViolet team
House Republicans Revive The Contraception Wars,
 Talking Points Memo, July 19, 2012. And
GOP Revives Efforts To Let Employers Deny Birth Control To Women,
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 Planned Parenthood, March 3, 2011
Voters side with Obama over Romney on birth-control mandate,
 The Hill, February 7, 2012
US Public Opinion on Abortion -- Roe v. Wade,
 Roper Center, February 2012
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