Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying Again for Black Doll Enthusiast

Tomorrow Congress is going to vote to repeal health care, again.
Can you sign this petition telling them that it's time to accept that health care
reform is here to stay?
 Congress has to move on to urgent business--like creating jobs and ending pay discrimination
against women and families.
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Tomorrow, Republicans in Congress are going to vote, again, to repeal the Affordable
Care Act--the most pro-woman piece of legislation in decades, and a law that is going
to help tens of millions of people get health care who wouldn't otherwise be able
to afford it.
They tried to defeat the bill in 2010 and they failed. They tried to get the Supreme
Court to overturn it and they failed. They tried to gut birth control coverage in
the bill and they failed.
In fact, this will be the fourth time they have voted to completely repeal the whole
law in the last few years.
Far-right conservatives have succeeded at one thing though, distracting Congress
from dealing with serious issues facing our country, like the economy.
It's time for all of us to rise up and send a strong message to these politicians:
Enough is enough.
Can you sign this petition telling Congress that health care is here to stay and
it's well past time to move on to urgent business--like creating jobs and ending
pay discrimination against women and families?
Add your name to the petition.
The fact is that when health care reform passed and the Supreme Court upheld the
law, millions of working Americans won and billionaire insurance companies lost.
These members of Congress just can't accept that--and they want their giant corporate
donors to know it.
In the last few years, the right-wing Congress has tried to:
Take away health care from women and families, votes they have taken repeatedly.
Cut funding for Planned Parenthood--the only source of health care for millions of
low-income women.
Restrict access to reproductive health care.
Take away birth control coverage from millions of women.
Jobs? This Congress has failed to create a single job in these last two years. But
they did manage to:
Reject equal pay protections for women.
Refuse to allow women and families paid sick leave so that they can care for their
ailing parents or kids--or themselves--without fear of losing their jobs.
Roll back protections for survivors of domestic abuse--leaving millions of women
at greater risk of violence.
This is crazy. And it's time to let them know that we, women and men voters all over
the country, are paying attention and aren't going to let them get away with distraction
Please sign today.
Add your name to the petition.
Thanks for speaking out,
--Nita, Shaunna and Kat, the UltraViolet team
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  1. Thank you for the second attempt. The link(s) are still not working.


    1. The links won't work since it has been posted from an e-mail. The coding is different to get the links working in an e-mail and it won't work just copy and pasting. The best shot you have is googling the information and finding the petition.