Sunday, July 29, 2012


Don't know that Blogger will let that title pass.  I Do sometimes feel like I live in a foreign place.  I had to ask what Chick Fillet was, although I guessed it was a chicken eatery of some type.  Then I had to ask what the Berenstain Bears were.  Evidently they have allied together to fund anti-gay legislation and this brought out a public protest.  Good, get corporations Out of our bedrooms and personal lives, I say.

Knew those "bears weren't a sports team, but What were they?  Had to ask about both organizations. 

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  1. Yeah Chick-Fil-A is a fast food change. I think there's only one in our town. The Berenstain Bears have been out for years. I remember reading their books since I was a kid. The books teach values and good morals. I remembered that I really enjoyed them as a kid. It's nice though that the Berenstain Bears have pulled any relations with Chick-Fill-A away.