Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Need Your Help with Blogger

I Need Your Help With Blogger!

Blogger's "old interface" is due to be withdrawn completely soon.  In order to use my speech and Braille output computer I have to use Internet Explorer 8. something.  IE9 (thank you Microsoft) destroys speech, according to the Access Technology Specialist I have consulted.  I was told Not to switch to IE9, as this Specialist had been working to get disabled people who Had out of their current computer messes.

Blogger's "new interface", introduced months ago, Requires IE 9.  So, when Blogger "removes its Old Interface" it will be keeping many disabled people from blogging.  I have tried to Contact the people who run Blogger to talk with them about this problem.  Where Are these mysterious ones?  I cannot Find them.

Those of you who are sighted and fully hearing might be surprised how much of the web is Not Accessible to those of us with disabilities.  Can Anyone reach thr thrones of Blogger High or tell me how?  I've Googled until I'm ready to spit.

When I have an appointment with an Access Technology Specialist I will Dump Internet Explorer altogether.  But these appointments may sometimes have to be scheduled Months ahead.  Then I will have to learn the keyboard commands for using another browser, and that could take some time, as I must put them all into Braille, and refer back to my notes, until I can remember them.

I want the right to speak that you have, as sighted people who can use both a mouse, (rodent) and IE 9.  Any help would be appreciated!


  1. Is Mozilla Firefox (browser) compatible with your computer? If so, download their browser (the URL is below).

    I have IE9, but with Blogger's most recent changes, I cannot write new posts if I access their dashboard with IE9. I am now forced to use Mozilla Firefox as my browser when I write a new blog.

    Here's the URL to Mozilla Firefox:

    I hope this helps!


  2. I've posted some queries on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'll get back when I get information.