Sunday, July 29, 2012

Want to Know How Your Senators Feel About Relief for Responsible Home Owners?

Rebuild the Dream

This week Rebuilders in swing states are delivering tens of thousands of your signatures
to local Senate offices, demanding that Congress force banks to allow responsible
homeowners to refinance their mortgages at today’s record-low interest rates.
Homeowners are in serious trouble, while banks rake in record profits and Congress
sits on its hands. Our efforts have definitely got their attention,
but right now, we’re hearing conflicting reports about Congress's willingness to
pass this legislation. So we don’t know for sure what they plan to do.
If we can force a vote, it will help make the housing crisis an election year issue.
So we need to figure out -- fast -- where the Senate stands, because we only have
one week before Congress goes on recess. After that the only thing they will care
about is the November election.
Can you take 60 seconds to call your senators to find out their position on homeowner
relief legislation?
Just click here to go to our call page.
 We have all the information you need, including:
Your senators' phone numbers
A quick script for what questions to ask (the whole call should take under a minute)
A form where you can report back what you found out
We're sending this message to enough people to get about 5 phone calls per senate
office, which should be just enough to get the information we need. And along the
way, we'll also send a clear signal that everyday voters really care about this solution.
That could be enough to force a vote.
This is a commonsense proposal that will keep folks in their homes. There’s no reason
Congress shouldn’t pass this -- but we all know how Washington works.
If we can just force a vote, however, then the millions of 'Underwater Voters' will
know who to hold accountable in November for Washington's inaction.
Click here to go to our call page and let us know where your Senators stand on homeowner relief legislation.
Speak up today and let them know you're paying attention, that you vote, and that
you'll remember what they did (or didn't do) while people were losing their homes.
Ian and the Rebuild the Dream team
P.S. -- Check out these great pictures from our deliveries to Senators Olympia Snow
and Scott Brown's offices!
Senator Brown Delivery
Senator Snow Delivery
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fix the U.S. economy. You can
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Yes, you will have to look up the organization to make the links work.  Personally, my opinion is that the Senate is sitting on it's hands on as Much as Possible Precisely because a major election is coming and campaigns need funding.  But forcing a vote by calling Would tell people how Their Senators were likely to vote.

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