Tuesday, November 27, 2012


While this blog Isn't nearly as important as the last one, it does give me the chance to share some personal observations.

First, "Hearts for Hearts" dolls.  Their faces all Feel pretty similar, bummer. But I understand that they look quite different from one another do to visual changes.

Second, money.  I think I'm going to have to leave the doll buying market for anything over $25 or $30.  I'm sure you collectors know what I'm talking about when I say "If I had known how much this doll Would be worth I wouldn't have . . ."  For me, of course, the sentence ends with, "taken that doll out of the box, played with it. . ."  But there's no fun for a blind person in a clear plastic window and a cardboard frame. Last night I was looking up some of my favorite Barbies.  Princess of the Nile, Princess of the Incas, Princess of Ancient Mexico, and Princess (a lie) of the Navajo.  Wow! are Those expensive dolls.  I don't care about the "Princess" bit, but they each have unique faces which I can easily identify.  Megabucks, that is what they cost, even on Ebay!

Anybody want to trade for a blonde "Supergirl" in mint condition except that one corner of her cape has been bent and although it has been straightened, it still shows a small crease on the outsice corner?  Sorry, no box.  When a tornado hit my doll collection in Winter, yes, Winter of 2008 I had to debox many dolls, including this one, to save the cape and doll.  But one Good thing about my dolls is no chew marks, no ink stains, etc.  Well, I thought not about the trade.

Personal.  I am on an extreme diet to cut out all carbs and drink green tea, using lots of spices, especially ginger which kills ovarian cancer cells.  It has proved to be an emotional/mental detox. as well as a physical one.  Not pleasant, bits of unpleasant flashbacks, etc. but I have to go on as though things are normal, not easy.  If my cancer blood marker score is knocked down (I expect it will be) I will Very Gradually add in some carbs.  Cancer loves to grow on sugar, and if it can't get that for rapid multiplication, it will make do with carbs.  I was eating healthy carbs, tar organic apples, hummus with veggies. dipped in it, beans and brown rice, old fashioned oatmeal with wallnuts dried fruit and spices, unsugared coconut for granola, etc.  I also ate blue corn, as I don't think they have managed a GMO version of that yet.  But though they were healthy carbs, Except for the weekly ice cream treat, they were too much.

Glad I love spices.  I'm dropping a bit of weight without trying, cayenne, hot chili peppers, and green tea are supposed to do that.  But I am tired of egg casseroles, and I'm not used to eating so much Meat!  It's deer, but I never used to eat meat but three to five times in a month.  Hard to digest.

Part of the emotional detox is working on an old Buddhist technique I was never able to succeed at before.  It's seeing your mind as a window.  When I feel pain or anger, etc.  I can either tense up, creating resistance to the pain which then adds clenched muscles unable to unlock and More pain, I can feel anger in return, (sometimes anger Is appropriate) or I can "open the window", refusing to claim an unpleasant or painful thing is "mine" while still acknowledging it's reality.  Then the unpleasantness and pain can fly through the window of my mind and they are no longer my responsibility.

Anger Is appropriate and a motivator to fight injustice, either to one's self or others.  But once I have done what I know to do about a situation it doesn't help me to stay angry.  As I said, I'm Working on this technique, I have Not Mastered it.  Hope it's useful to someone else.

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