Saturday, November 3, 2012

This is Dangerous! Personally I feel tapped out for this election, money wise. So I'm not pushing Anyone to donate. But we can E-mail and call our Own politicos.

This week Canada’s fossil fuel-loving government is trying to ram through a treaty
that would allow multinational oil companies to control the future of the tar sands,
the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel, with disastrous consequences for the planet.
Canadian members are fighting back -- they've sent tens of thousands
of emails to their representatives, written hundreds of letters to the editor, and
gotten coverage in all the top press outlets. Now they need our help.
Donate to put our Canada-China FIPA ads on the radio in critical politicians' districts.
please donate
Canada, with its massive dirty tar sands deposits, is ground zero in the fight to
stop climate change.
 In fact, NASA’s leading climate scientist has written that if Canada fully taps
its tar sands deposits, it will be “game over for the climate” -- that’s why the
fight over Transcanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline is so critical.
So when our friends fighting the fossil fuel industry north of the border call us
and ask for urgent help, we need to be there for them.
Right now Canada’s Conservative government is trying to ram through a treaty that
would allow Chinese oil corporations to control the future of the tar sands. FIPA,
the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement, could
give multinational corporations sweeping powers to sue the Canadian government to
stop environmental protections on the tar sands
, locking in the current Canadian government’s corporate-friendly policies for decades.
The stakes are huge
: If FIPA passes -- which could happen as early as this Friday -- then future Canadian
governments could be legally compelled to allow tar sands mining. And
the consequences for the planet would be catastrophic
SumOfUs members have already helped raise a huge outcry against FIPA in Canada. One
Member of Parliament told our campaigner that the tens of thousands of emails to
Parliament, hundreds of letters to the editor, and dozens of major news stories our
campaign has generated in the last two weeks has been the most effective pressure
campaign he's ever seen.
From south of the border, we can’t write to Canadian Members of Parliament. But if
anyone knows what it’s like to have a government in the pocket of big corporations,
it’s Americans. We can help with the next critical phase of the campaign, along with
our partners at --
blanketing the airwaves with emergency radio ads this week in the local districts
of key Members of Parliament.
Can you donate $20, the cost of one radio ad spot in a key Canadian politician's hometown, to help stop FIPA and protect the tar sands from greedy multinational corporations?
Thousands of American members of the community are already fighting against
the Canadian tar sands by challenging the Keystone XL pipeline.
 I was arrested along with Bill McKibben and more than a thousand others in front
of the White House last year to oppose the pipeline. And the community
raised $50,000 for the legal defense fund of Julia Trigg Crawford, who is trying
to stop Transcanada from seizing her family farm in Texas to build the pipeline through
Hurricane Sandy has given us another huge wake-up call about the consequences of
runaway climate change. And the prognosis for the climate could be bleak if this
treaty passes. Chinese multinational fossil fuel corporations will be able to buy
up major tracts of the tar sands in Canada, and then be able to legally block any
future Canadian governments from cracking down on pollution from the tar sands.
This treaty is could be rammed through as early as this Friday, just two days from
 -- unless Canadian activists can effectively pressure enough politicians in Canadian
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own party to make him back down.
Just $20 will buy one 30-second play of an ad on radio in a key district
, and every donation means that we can play the ad one more time -- making it more
likely to be heard by more people, and amplifying our impact.
Help get our people-powered radio ads on the air tomorrow by pitching in $20, or whatever you can afford. members from around the world, including tens of thousands of Canadians,
have already stood up to fight corporate dominance of American politics. They helped
take down the Heartland Institute and they helped fund our campaign to push Google
to leave the Chamber of Commerce. Now we need to stand together to stop the sale
of the Canadian government to Big Oil.
Thanks for all you do,
Taren, Emma, Kaytee, and the rest of us
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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  1. I've done some volunteering so that eases my conscience about NOT donating - grin.

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