Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Would You Feel If . . .

Write to Congress today.
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Write to Congress.
How would you feel if I told you that our military women are banned from having insurance
coverage for abortion if they have been raped or endured incest?
I bet you're outraged. That was my personal reaction when I found out, so I'm doing
something about it.
Tell your Members of Congress to end the outrageous abortion coverage ban for servicewomen and military dependents who have been raped or suffered incest.
Write to Congress.
This cruel policy forces servicewomen and military dependents to pay the cost of
the abortion care they need if they become pregnant as the result of rape or incest,
unlike their civilian counterparts who also get their health insurance through the
federal government.
It doesn't have to be this way.
 Congress will soon finalize the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and they
have the opportunity to pass a version of the bill which removes this abhorrent ban.
Standing in its way, however, are some Members of Congress who are willing to play
politics with the women who serve this nation.
We can't allow that to happen.
 As your Members of Congress are home celebrating the holiday, your voice should
be in their head: Military women make sacrifices for us every day -- now it's our
duty to stand up for them.
End the abortion coverage ban for servicewomen and military dependents who become pregnant due to rape or incest. Contact your Members of Congress today.
Thank you for protecting women's reproductive health -- and thank you for making
it personal.
Thao Nguyen
Campaign Manager
This Is Personal

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