Saturday, March 24, 2012

Answers about Some Products via Phthlates and Lead

I called the bead store from which I purchase beads. The only beads they sell which contain Any lead are Crystal beads, clear glass with lead inside to help reflect the light. Don't think I have used Any of these for beading, but will Certainly check to make sure.

As for leather, obviously chemicals are used in its processing. But not lead Or phthlates, at least in U.S. Phthlates Are found in plastics , leather-Like upholstry, and to stabilize scent in everything from laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets to vinyl dolls. Mattel Must pass the test, as Barbie is Definitely an Under Age Twelve Product and thus subject to the law passed in 2009 andreferred to in last post.

Found phone number for Fair Trade Federation, will call and write them.

It Seems phthlates May be found in fire retardant applied to upholstry fabric. I don't know what to do about this. All of my silk scraps came from one drapery scrap vendor, I can ask. But other upholstry samples, they came from everywhere. I cannot be sure. Will research flame retardants applied more. Are they applied to sample swatches? Doubt wedding fabric is treated with them, as children do take part in weddings, ring bearers, flower girls, etc. This is all I know for now. Still interested in learning more from others, thanks.

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