Saturday, March 24, 2012

More About Phthalates

I have found online articles indicating that old Barbie dolls may have phthalates leaching out of them into the mouths of kids who chew on them and into the air, especially of air conditioned buildings, which seem to trap them. One article stated that American Girl dolls also contain phthalates. As I am Not a chemist, all I can say is that Mattel is said to be phasing out phthalates, and that some of these articles site medical journals.

The online doll site "Dolls Like Me" has many dolls specifically described as "phthalate free". But if the EPA allows Mattel to continue using phthalates in many of their toys, one would hope that phthalate levels in present day toys meet its own safety standards, according to CPSIA. It seems to be the Older dolls which are of concern. So can These be resold to children under twelve?

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