Thursday, March 29, 2012

Specific Dolls, Where Can I Find

I am looking for a Very Velvet Christy and a Very Velvet Kira. They were released in 1998, I think. I can only find Barbie and Teresa in the Very Velvet dolls. I remember Ann really disliked the look of the Teresa in this series, anyone know why? Is her face the standard Teresa face?

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  1. Guess what? I did an Alexa search for the term "Very Velvet Teresa," and guess whose website appeared first? You guessed it, Everyday People. Pat yourself on the back, that's neat.

    1998 is the right date. I found a photo of the Very Velvet Teresa. Her head looks a little more boxy than the other Teresas although it is the same head mold. And she has about 6 separate shoots of bang sprouts erupting from her forehead and light blue-ish eyes. Not one of the prettier Teresas IMHO.

    Oh and that Teresa has reddish hair with blond highlights, too.

    I don't have any of the Very Velvet dolls. Amazon has the Kira from that series for $50.00. Shudder. I think/hope you can find her for a cheaper price than that. She has the Marina full face with no bangs, all her hair is pulled back.

    Very Velvet Christie has the Asha face mold in a medium-dark complexion.