Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's Talk About Healthcare

First, I am Neither a Democrat, Nor a Republican. But I couldn't Believe the questions conservative justices were asking Government officials yexterday about the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. "Does the Government have the right to force everyone to eat broccoli because it's healthy?" I think that is a ridiculous question!

How about, "Does any Government have the right to demand that all motorists carry car insurance?" Since in Missouri and many other states this Is the law, the answer Must be Yes.

Ok, so let's check out some of the differences between legally mandated Car insurance and legally mandated Health Insurance. Where does the money go? In the case of Car insurance, the money goes to insurance companies which Tend to support Republican candidates over Democrat candidates. Under the Affordable Care Act, the money goes to insurance companies but there are Also Regulations on those companies which do not apply with Car insurance. These Regulations will Cost insurance companies money. They cannot refuse to insure someone with a "pre-existing condition" in other words, someone who Already is ill and needs healthcare. Also, some Government run programs will be expanded to care for those who cannot afford insurance. In the case of Medicaid, this may mean the individual states have to pay more into the program. This will not benefit insurance companies at all. In the case of Medicare, I don't know how the budget formula is worked out, except that private insurers will also not benefit.

With the current mood of cut the budget on the backs of the disabled, elderly, unemployed, and working poor, no one wants to help fund healthcare for others, at least it seems that the conservatives in Congress don't, nor do wealthy or conservative Americans who make the loudest noises about it.

The question about Broccoli seems ridiculous to me. Why not compare the healthcare law to other Federally mandated laws or State mandated laws?

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