Sunday, March 18, 2012

What the Bleep? and My Least Favorite Barbies

As a blind person I was fascinated by the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" but simply couldn't follow it. By the time Ann had described a scene to me, the movie had gone two or three scenes ahead. By the time someone made a comment like "How far down the rabit hole do you want to go?" I was still wondering about a scene I had fully or as often Partially heard a minute and a half ago. So I am Delighted that this book is Finally available Unabridged, on Audio. They don't ask so much about "rabit holes" and I don't hear a basketball unconnected to anything bouncing on a court, but I am getting some Interesting insights and idas from the necessarily more lengthy Book.

I am told the movie has reached "cult status" which I guess means a lot of people love it. I am glad too, that I have now purchased it in a format I can save and reread.

New subject: While I think over One or Two implications of "What the Bleep" for my life, I can tell you about my least favorite set of Barbie dolls. I think they are called "1 Modern Circle". Starting with the fact that I like dolls which look Possible, Human, you might guess why I dislike this series so much. The hair colors don't bother me, the miniscule Feet? do. The faces of the females, even the African American doll, Monique, are really pretty similar to touch. The body shapes are somehow more odd feeling than other hard plastic dolls like Disney's Mulan, (which I do like) or Flying Hero Barbie, which is ok and kind of fuhn. But as I have brown-black hair and have always wanted to put a bright shiny hard green stripe down the center, I like Monique in Spite of myself! She did it! I have her hair braided and standing straight up off of her head. like snakes, black and green snakes, cool!

I remember Ann saying the blue-haired one "Melany or Melody?" had a pouty expression on her face which was "yucky" and the Literature? with the dolls seemed to bear this out. But I wish I could steal Blaine's silver jacket, That is cool too! Except for Monique's hair and Blaine's jackes these dolls just Feel ugly to me.

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