Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wheels Spinning Fast Going Where?

A lot is happening lately, but I feel I'm going nowhere! Started the garden, went in halves, expense wise, with a friend to start a new garden here. It's expensive! But if it does well, cheaper in long run than organic food for two or three people, may be feeding a third person. Weather is so Hot already, (80's when normal highs are upper 60's to 70) that although the time is right to pland cool weather crops, greens, spinach, peas, broccoli and cauliflower, we're afraid they will burn up! And Everyone is worried about Summer, if it's already This warm . . .

So, on to small business. I was SO Happy to be ready to start a small online store selling my work and products which were Fair Trade, mostly made by people with disabilities from around the world. The site will, if I can start it, focus on Yep, dolls, and their clothing and accessories. But along came the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act, lowering lead and phthlate levels in anything which would "appeal" to kids 12 and under. My suppliers are in a tailspin. They are small, cannot afford high cost of testing batches of Fair Trade goods to make sure they comply with lowered levels of these substances. I have no wish to harm children, so of course I will comply. But without testing, how can my wholesale suppliers guarantee the lowered levels of these substances in dolls made by women in Darfur, the West Bank, Jerusalem, Vietnam, and Central and S. America? Will there be an exception made for tiny businesses with one or two people running them? Unknown.

This has been a dream of mine for years and everyone I knew predicted I would fail. When I finally decided I wanted to go ahead and try anyway I was Soo Happy! Imagine what a deaf-blind person running even a Tiny business and helping Other people with disabilities to Survive could mean? I would be doing the unimaginable! And the important part, I would Love most of my work! How many people get to Work at something they Love? Not many! But I have to wait and know that it might not happen. I've spent Years on getting ready to do this and the week before I planned to register my business with the state, buy a small business license and a Federal tax ID I found out about this law. So, is the cup half full or half empty? Well, the thought that in spite of all my stubborness, I can't do what I've worked for, that is very painful and I feel an angry clinging to the idea of my dream.

But I'm Delighted I had not started ordering inventory Then discovered I couldn't Sell any of it! This finding out when I did May have saved my bacon! So I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, it just Is, for now.

On the home front, our State House Passed the bill to strip Medicaid from blind (which will include deaf-blind people) over a very low income. I will be included in the cuts if the State Senate and Governor go along. And this bill also, in its original form, cut out Many things disabled people need, wheelchairs, Hospice care, nice way to balance the budget, hu? On the backs of those who can Least afford it. There are other ways which have been proposed, and disregarded.

So, the garden's half done, the business is on hold, and we wait to see what our future will be.

In the meantime I distract myself with taking care of a sick OJ Canary with an eye infection, (read Vet Bill) and thinking about dolls, Yeah! and signing petitions, and doing housework, (boring) etc.

So, I have a damaged 1992 Imani from Olmec toys, (this is written on the back of her head) who was "made in China" (written on her back just below her shoulders). She has a Lovely big Afro, a bodysuit, separate sleevelets to cover her lower arms, a long cape fastened by a jewel, a headband which may have also had a jewel on it, a ring, bracelets, and large earrings shaped like teardrops which match a necklace with the same shape pendant on it. Does anyone have one to sell or know where I might find one? And what about Very Velvet Christy, (my favorite of that series) and Very Velvet Kira? I find Very Velvet Teresa and Barbie all over the place. But in this series it looks like Christy and Kira were the definite favorites.

Well, the laundry awaits. (What a rush) and thanks for listening. I'll check out the American Teen dolls. Can't get to Target, rich as I am supposed to be, no money for a taxi, so Star dolls, maybe after they are all out of date. Can't see pics, but Teen dolls sound more interesting.

Am listening to doves cooing and grubbing around under bird feeder in the yard, where I always shake some seed out. Bird feeders are an Unqualified success! I Do enjoy listening to them! Doves are just outside window and hearing aids turned up Loud, so I can hear them, a Delight!

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  1. I have not seen the American Teen dolls at Target or at any store yet. So far I have only seen them sold through Amazon. Then again, I have not called anyone about them.

    If you target your doll clothes to the adult collectors, would you still have to follow CPSIA guidelines? Snoopy Dana