Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taking Away the Affordable Care Act

The nation's new health-care law will be just two years old this month. But already
Congress and the Supreme Court may vote to take it away.
PICO leaders and organizers worked to make sure that low-income families and communities
had a strong voice in the debate over the new health care law. While the Affordable
Care Act is still a work in progress, it represents a major step towards building
a health-care system that works better for everyone, by covering more working families,
regulating insurance companies, and strengthening Medicare and Medicaid.
Yet insurance companies and their political allies are circling to take these benefits
away from families. Unless we get ready now, the victory we celebrated two years
ago may slip away.
What you can do:
Join us for a live webinar with insurance executive-turned-whistleblower Wendell
Potter TOMORROW, Friday, March 23, Noon Eastern, the second anniversary of the Affordable
Care Act. Potter is a Christian who walked away from his position as the head of
public relations for Cigna Corporation to work instead for truly affordable healthcare
for families.
Potter is the author of Deadly Spin
, has testified before Congress and state lawmakers, and is frequently on MSNBC and
other media outlets.
Sign up here for the webinar:
What Wendell Potter says about protecting benefits for families:
“Powerful special interests are behind a well-financed campaign of misinformation
and fear-mongering to make us believe the consumer protections in the Affordable
Care Act are not in our best interests, and that we should hand over the Medicare
and Medicaid programs to big for-profit insurance corporations. We cannot let this
happen. We must get off the sidelines to ensure that we keep going forward, not backwards.”
–Wendell Potter
This year, Potter will be visiting PICO congregations across our network to tell
families what the news media won’t—that insurance companies and their friends in
Congress are working hard to take away the health-care benefits that matter to families.
They will succeed if we don’t stop them.
Thanks for all you do,
Kamara O'Connor, Lead Organizer
Bring Health Reform Home campaign
PICO National Network
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support candidates for office. PICO urges people of faith to consult their faith
traditions for guidance on specific policies and legislation.
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  1. Sorry I missed this seminar. I'm going to see how I can catch up tomorrow. Thanks for posting this alert.