Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pictures, I hope?

I am told by a kind friend who came and took pictures of the dolls and clothing I've made for them that the unintelligible gibberish below will take you to those pics. Man am I Ignorant of Flat stuff!

But my understanding is that the digitaal camera I bought worked well and the pics are clear. Feedback would be welcome.

I lined, but did Not make the crocheted outfit. Credit where credit is due, a grandmother here in the Ozarks did make that outfit. I only Bought it.


Hope this works.

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  1. Yes, I see the photos! Congratulations on getting them up - with help or not. And yes, the text that equals a picture looks like gobbledygook. Ugh.

    The first photo is a little small. Sometimes when I adjust photos for online use, I make them smaller so that they upload quicker. However, that can make the details of the clothes harder to see.

    Oh, it is so cool that you have Get Set Eva. I think that is her in the first photo. She sits in the first row. Ariel from the Little Mermaid sits next to Eva. On the other side, there is a modern Midge or Diva doll. Then a Teresa doll. So from left to right, seated, I see Ariel, Eva, Midge/Diva, and then Teresa.

    I am not familiar with the first standing doll from the left. She looks like a Disney doll with her huge eyes. The doll next to her in furry red could be a Candi doll and the last doll standing might be the Bionic Woman?

    Advice/suggestions? I would ask your friend if the photo could be a little larger. It is harder to see clothes in the smaller settings. And watch your models. I would smooth their hair before taking the photo. They might tell you it's a tousled look, but for showing off your fashions, they'll should look more coiffed. wink.