Monday, August 19, 2013

Chicken Salad for Lunch at School?

Chicken Salad for Lunch?

This is Revolting!  I would rather have Jobs created to police chicken producers from Outside their system, already often foul in my opinion, than to create jobs by allowing Honeywell Corp. set up a factory to make all components for nuclear Bombs, except for the fissionable materials.  But the President okayed this one too!

Please help us All to eat Safer food.

A new USDA regulation means that
our chicken will come doused with feces and bleach --
and poultry companies will get to police themselves for health and safety
The only person who can stop this terrible rule is the president. Tell him to do
the right thing.
sign the petition
The USDA is about to slash regulations for poultry plants,
saving big corporations millions at the expense of public health and workers’ safety.
Instead of trained USDA inspectors,
 companies will police themselves
. Meanwhile, plants will be allowed to speed up production dramatically. Chickens
will spend more time soaking in contaminants (including pus and feces!), and poultry
plants are compensating by washing them in with chlorine. Independent experts like
Food and Water Watch have shown that
the new system is likely to miss serious contamination, including diseases like salmonella
Now the only person who can reverse these regulations is President Obama. We need
to send a clear message that these disgusting rules are unacceptable before the USDA
tries to expand them to the pork and beef industries.
Sign our petition to President Obama: we demand real regulation of the poultry industry.
It isn’t just consumers who’ll suffer from these new regulations. Poultry workers
who have to perform repetitive motions with sharp knives already risk serious cuts
or losing fingers every day, and many suffer muscular, joint, and back problems after
years on the job. Speeding up production will
increase the injury rates
. Meanwhile, the new chemical wash that will treat feces-stained chickens could cause
skin and breathing problems.
Why is the USDA pushing regulations that are bad for workers and consumers? The answer
corporate welfare, with a side of austerity
. The federal government will save money by laying off factory inspectors, but the
big poultry companies like Tyson and Purdue will be able to push out more chickens
with less oversight. The USDA estimates that
the poultry industry stands to make more than $250 million a year
 from the new rules.
The USDA thinks it’s just fine for workers to get hurt and consumers to be fed chicken
poop so poultry companies can increase their profits. We beg to differ.
Click here to tell the President to reverse the USDA’s disgusting poultry regulations.
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