Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Earth's Sake

This is controversial, I know.  But I honestly believe that if we put Half of the effort into alternative energies that Trans-Canada and the oil interests in the U.S. are in Getting the Keystone XL pipeline built, we Could change things.  If President Obama approves this pipeline he will say it creates jobs.  That's what he said in giving Honeywell, Corp. the ok to build a new plant in Kansas City which makes parts for nuclear bombs.  Yes, it Will create jobs.  But Are they the kinds of jobs You want to Mark the future of your children?  Most of us can't move away from contaminated places like Mayflower, AR.  And don't we Still have enough nucs to destroy the world several times over?  I don't want my 13 year-old niece or my 22 year-old nephew or the grade school kids down the street, who are the only ones brave enough to speak to me to have to Live with the consequences of these Jobs!

I cannot see or share a graphic on Facebook, but maybe one of you can check it out.
We Love Our Land
Thanks for signing our petition on, asking President Obama to stop the
Keystone XL pipeline and protect us from future environmental disasters.
We need only to look at the recent oil spill in Mayflower, Arkansas, to see the devastating
consequences of building a tar sands oil pipeline through America's heartland.
When the pipeline burst in March, 210,000 gallons of crude oil escaped. The oil was
knee-deep in schools and senior centers. Today, people are sick, the drinking water
is contaminated, the air is toxic.
Many more small towns could suffer a similar fate if Keystone moves forward. By demanding
that the President oppose Keystone and joining our online community of almost 300,000
Americans, you're helping prevent the next oil disaster and protecting future generations
from similar tragedies.
Share this graphic on Facebook so that everyone knows that the Keystone XL pipeline puts American lives at risk.
Don't let this happen in your backyard! Share our graphic on Facebook.
Right now, battle lines are being drawn. A foreign oil company, TransCanada, is spending
millions of dollars trying to convince U.S. policy makers that the Keystone XL pipeline
isn't an environmental disaster waiting to happen.
It's up to us to make sure that President Obama does the right thing and rejects
Keystone. To help win this fight, I'm building Next Generation Climate Action, a
non-profit organization committed to averting climate disaster and preserving American
prosperity through online and offline political action.
In the coming weeks, you'll receive updates from us on what you can do to stop the
Keystone XL pipeline and prevent the next Mayflower. You can get started right now
by sharing our graphic on Facebook:
Thank you again and welcome to our community.
Tom Steyer

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