Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Free Books in the Public Domain

This organization serves all people who can't read print, due to learning disabilities, visual impairment, AND all people who don't hgave access and just want some audio books to listen to.  I have a sighted friend who is a truck driver who loves the audio materials available here.

Librivox is a volunteer organization that dramatizes and records books and plays
that are in the public domain and then provides the audio recordings to the public
for free.
This is a service that is of particular benefit to people who are blind or otherwise
visually impaired.
They are not a well-known organization and it is entirely run by volunteers.  They
are having a fundraiser and I ask that anyone who has the time or resources to disseminate
this information, or to make a small donation, please consider doing so, in aid of
a worthy cause.  Volunteer readers are, of course, always welcome.
Here is the information:
Dear all,
LibriVox still needs your help! Our fundraiser started off strong, but
we've have had a dip in fundraising promotional activity due to various
We've raised just over $11,000 to date, from 277 donors, with a couple of
bigger donations expected in the coming weeks.
We have some work to do to get to our target of $50,000. If you haven't
donated, perhaps you would consider it now?
If you have already donated, maybe you'd consider a post on your blog,
Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you spend your time online?
You can donate here, or point people to this link:
And if you'd like more information about why we are raising money, you can
find that here:
All the best,
(PS. our forum software inserts noreply@librivox.org at the top of these
emails & we don't know how to change that. If you'd like to contact me, you
can do so at hugh@librivox.org).
The LibriVox Team

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