Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Keystone XL Means More Oil for Who?

Keystone XL, More Oil for Who?

We Love Our Land

Here's something you might not know about Keystone XL:
If this pipeline gets built through America's heartland, it will make your gas prices
go up. Likely to the tune of more than $100 per month.
Why? More oil will flow through our country, but not to our country.
We built a gas tax calculator to show you just how much more you'll be paying if Keystone XL gets built:
Find out how much Keystone XL will cost you
The entire point behind Keystone is to give TransCanada access to the world's oil
market. With the pipeline in place, they'll be able to send that oil overseas, lowering
prices for China, Europe, and Latin America -- and driving prices up here, especially
in the Midwest.
By allowing Keystone XL to be built, we're essentially imposing a gas tax on ourselves.
And that increase in our gas prices will be shocking.
President Obama has admitted as much about Keystone XL, saying the pipeline will
have zero long-term impact on our economy. It also will destroy ecosystems and threaten
communities across the country with environmental disaster, all for better gas prices
in China and profits for TransCanada.
We can put a stop to this pipeline -- but people have to know and share the facts.
So take a minute to use our gas tax calculator, and then pass it on:
Thanks for everything you do in this fight,
Tara McGowan
Digital Director, NextGen Climate Action
Next Generation Climate Action | 351 California St. San Francisco, CA 94104

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