Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meat Inspector Punished for Reporting Animal Cruelty

Whether or not you eat meat or pork, all animals are able to feel pain and most also can feel fear.  We share these traits with them.  I would not want to eat meat tainted with such suffering.  This inspector should be Rewarded for reporting such Unnecessary violence at a slaughter house, Not punished!  Ok, you are warned.  This petition does describe horrific treatment of animals.  I signed the petition but didn't read it all.

My husband Jim was punished and sent to another factory 120 miles away for doing his job by reporting inhumane conditions at his slaughter plant. I started a petition calling on the USDA to stop penalizing whistleblowers like my husband.
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Teresa -
My husband Jim and I have worked as meat inspectors in slaughter facilities for the
United States Department of Agriculture for almost 30 years. When Jim noticed that
some pigs weren't completely stunned before slaughter -- some still fully conscious
as they were hung upside down and bled out -- he told his supervisor.
But his report was ignored and a week later Jim was ordered to start working at a
different plant 120 miles away.
Now my husband has to live out of a hotel room and can only come home on weekends.
And with our oldest daughter pregnant and due in a couple of months it's not fair
to keep him away.
My husband should not be penalized like this for reporting inhumane conditions.
I've heard of other whistleblowers starting petitions on so I started my own asking the USDA to move my husband's job back home. Click here to sign.
My husband and I are both proud of our jobs and dedicated to ensuring safer food
and basic welfare standards for animals. By reporting what he saw happening to pigs
Jim was not only doing his job, but also looking out for the safety of his co-workers
who are sometimes injured by still-conscious animals.
The USDA is feeling pressure from whistleblowers like my husband. If people like
you continue to speak out against punishing workers for doing their jobs and more
people become aware of these despicable practices,
the USDA will be forced to examine their policy of ignoring animal welfare concerns.
Stand with my husband and sign my petition demanding that the USDA stop penalizing Jim and relocate him home. Click here now.
Thank you for your support,
Tammy Schrier
Washington, Iowa
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  1. I signed this petition on Thanks for letting us know.