Monday, August 12, 2013

Something New I Didn't Know

Something New I Didn't Know

There's a new contender in the race to the bottom: A new report reveals that
 the federal government is America’s largest creator of poverty-wage jobs.
Now workers are on strike demanding that federal contractors pay living wages.
Tell President Obama that we want our tax dollars to create good, middle-class jobs.
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Every year the federal government pays private contractors $1 trillion to do everything
from sew military uniforms to clean the bathrooms at federal buildings to sell food
and souvenirs at national landmarks. Many of these
 contractors are paying their workers poverty wages -- sometimes even less than minimum
 -- while their CEOs make millions. The federal government is now
joining companies like McDonald’s and Walmart in creating millions of poverty-level
Last month, hundreds of contracted
 workers in federal buildings in Washington staged a series of bold strikes demanding
hat President Obama sign an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay
living wages. By signing an executive order, he can
lift hundreds of thousands of workers out of poverty with the stroke of a pen.
As taxpayers, this is our fight too
 -- we need to raise our voices and
 tell the President that we want our tax dollars creating good jobs
 and rebuilding the middle class.
Click here to sign our petition to President Obama: Ensure that federal contractors pay a living wage.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. In the days of the New Deal and the Great Society,
when the federal government wanted to act as a model employer, it passed laws requiring
government contractors to pay prevailing wages. But those laws aren’t working anymore,
and millions of workers getting paid with our tax dollars aren’t making enough to
afford basic necessities like rent or childcare. Many have money illegally withheld
from their paychecks so that they take home less than the legal minimum wage. The
yawning gulf between wealthy contractors and the workers they exploit
has helped make Washington, DC one of the most unequal cities in America.
In his State of the Union address,
President Obama said it’s time “to reignite the true engine of America’s economic
growth—a rising, thriving middle class.”
If the president wants to put his money where his mouth is, he can start right away.
Tell the president to start rebuilding the middle class: Guarantee that taxpayer money is going to support good jobs
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More information:
Underwriting Bad Jobs: How our tax dollars are funding low-wage work and fueling inequality
," Demos, May 2012.
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