Sunday, September 8, 2013

Personal Changes and Their Relationship to Dolls

First, I want to thank a kind Phily Collector for doing some research on my behalf!

Personal Changes and Their Relationship to Dolls

My entire family except for a niece, are all on antidepressants of some kind.  When my shoulder was injured last month I was given the pain reliever tramadol.  I slowly realized that even the next day, when the six hour effects had worn off, I was feeling more energetic and could concentrate, working through emotional crap better.  I also felt more optimistic.

So I researched this drug online and found it was related to a kind of antidepressant I have never taken. 

After a talk with my Dr. I'm gradually withdrawing from the meds. I was taking.  If I feel I need it, I'll try an SNRI antidepressant called Cymbalta.  Has anyone had experience with this medication?

I am trying to just take it slow, one day at a time, as I withdraw from my former medications.  Some days are rough, some have rough spots, and some are hopeful. 

In the meantime, during a panic attack I bought three dolls, haven't done that in a Long time!  They are all old ones.  One is a G.I. Joe who isn't as articulated as I'd hoped but I like his face, one is X-Man? Rogue, (to go with the Storm doll with a Mohawk which I already have) and one is an African American Avon doll because sometimes the Avon dolls are a bit more classy than Barbie.

I imagined setting up a Guard beside my bed.  I think you would call it a diorama.  It would be all the GS.5 women, Shadow, Kat, and Nikki of Cygirls, Storm, Rogue, and maybe a bionic woman by Hasbro.  I have an extra Vanessa dressed in black leather and you Don't want to mess with her!  But then I decided the Buddha statues on the shelf above my bed were enough, and so they have proved to be.  But I still think the picture of all those competent women would be cool!  Oh, I was going to add Electra, too.  She has black hair and two knife-like things.  Maybe A. J. McLeod from Cygirls and a spy called Gold Bird.  She is a light skinned AA ballerina now wearing a gold bodysuit and multi-colored skirt, courtesy of Britany Spears.  I never liked her music, but she had some killer clothes, the gold outfit, a red leather bodysuit, so when they were on sale I bought two or three of those dolls years ago for the clothes.  I could add Mulan in another Britany Spears outfit which looks like it came from a James Bond movie, but since I didn't set them up at all, I didn't.  Just the GS.5, Storm, the extra Vanessa, Electra, Rogue, and Shadow (why did she have to be a stereotype?) Kat, and Gold Bird,  that should have been enough to scare away the bad nightmares and past.

But as I said, the Buddhas have done fine.

I thought about Mr. G.I. Joe, but decided that unless he was the leader he might be overwhelmed by all those women and no other man to even Talk to.  So I took pity on him.

I could sell him in the box and Maybe make more money, but isn't anyone interested in what the poor guy looks like Out of uniform and who he might be friends with or date?  I always want to give military figures the respect they (male and female) earn in uniform, And a civilian life.  Nobody is Completely one dimensional.

In the meantime the woman making earrings had to drop off of my website due to disability reasons.  So I decided 1.  To sell some of my personal jewelry and possessions, things I had made for Ann, etc. and 2. I have started creating necklaces of all differing kinds of beads myself.  It's hard not to get afraid about money and think I have a right to nothing but work.  But I have to be a bit careful in handling my mind right now.  So maybe I'll tell some "Doll Stories" instead.  I've had stories for some dolls forever, like most of you collectors probably have.  As a multiple, there are some disturbing stories I won't tell, but some I can.

To begin with, that second Vanessa with shoulder length hair, dressed in black is Brilliant and scary, if she Wants to be.

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  1. Give me any excuse, and I am off to research anything I can. Glad to do so especially for someone as kind as you. Aw, I made you blush - wink.

    You've given me a great career idea.

    Do share your doll stories. I think mine, but sometimes don't get around to writing them out. I love hearing others' stories. You can sometimes hear echoes of the author in the story.

    We'll have to be buddies about keeping our minds set in positive modes. Or at least, non-punitive ones. There is enough negativity out in the world to fend off; we have to take care that we don't join that chorus.

    Smiled to read some of your doll and action figure names: hey, I recognize many of them.