Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do You Watch "Cross Fire?"

I would have when younger but don't now.  Here's some info. which may interest all who watch the show or have heard of the organization "Rebuild the Dream".

Rebuild the Dream
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Join TeamVan

I have some exciting news to share with you.
This week, I become one of the co-hosts of
CNN’s Crossfire
 – the most famous political debate show in television history.
That means: for a few days a week, I will be debating the key issues, along with
Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter and S.E. Cupp. I will be making the case for progressive
solutions -- before a national audience.
Of course, I will continue working feverishly and passionately as Rebuild The Dream's
(In fact: ALL FOUR Crossfire hosts are keeping our day jobs!)
But this new development does offer a bigger, additional platform from which to call
for positive change.
Here is what I know: I cannot do a good job by myself. I will need your help to get
the best ideas, arguments and insights into my head, every day. And Rebuild The Dream
will need to be strengthened organizationally to transform this opportunity into
major campaigns that make a difference.
Many have asked how they can help. Here are some easy ways for you to do that:
First, please join #TeamVan. Just
follow me on Twitter
tweet with me
using hashtag
#TeamVan. Also, please
like my page on Facebook
 to join the conversation in that arena. I will be stealing as many good ideas I
can to use on TV.
Second, help spread the word
. Share the attached image on your website, Instagram, blog, or whatever to get people
to join
. You can also forward this email to friends or people you think I should get to
Third, help strengthen Rebuild The Dream
. We are now in a more strategic position. At key moments, we will be engaging our
500,000 members -- driving change on issues from student debt to excessive incarceration.
Donate here
 to make sure we are ready.
Personally, I hope we raise $50,000 -- and double my
Twitter followers
 to 200,000, so that we can better compete with Newt and SE in the battle of ideas.
All you have to do is press the share button or the forward button. You know what
to do. It takes one second – one click – to make a difference.
So support Rebuild The Dream. And join
I’ll see you on Crossfire tonight,
September 10 at 6:30 PM ET
/3:30 PM PT!
P.S. One of the heated topics we’ll be discussing tonight is Syria. I’ve already
been vocal on why we should hold off on attacks, which you can watch
. I'd love to hear what you think.
Rebuild the Dream
Rebuild the Dream is fighting for an economy that works for everyone -- especially
young people facing too few jobs, too much debt, and threats to survival from guns
to climate change. You can
follow us on Twitter
, and
like us on Facebook

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