Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dancing the Night

Dancing the Night

I have a dance troupe of dolls to portray in dance and music my favorite time, the night.  That time when the phone Doesn't ring, you don't have to spend hours on hold,  and no one you don't  want to speak to knocks on the door.  The time when a mind can walk free, if the body housing it is physically safe, wherever it wishes and artistic endeavors, whether in cooking or doll play or  hand work can proceed uninterrupted.

First there is Moroccan Barbie to dance the Sun down with lively Arabic music, beginning loud when the sun is just beginning to set, ending sweet and soft when it has.

Then a Barbie in an ombred dress of silver and blue, a ballerina, dances the sky dark.  Her skirt is fairly light at the bottom but graduates to darkness around her African American face.

Then a Winter Barbie in a dress of black and glitter dances the night sky filled with stars, only stars. She dances a sacred time of change over from one day cycle to the next.  Of course her face is dark, as night is dark.

Then another Barbie with the silver and blue dress dances in the beginning of sky lightening.  Her skirt is ombred from darkness to a light blue around the same face as her twin whose dress is the opposite.

Last comes the old Brazillian Barbie, a DOW. To dance in the dawn with her pinks and other morning colors.  Samba music beginning softly and increasing in volume, goes with , her  Samba outfit.
I have always referred to these five dolls as "my dance troupe" and kept them together in the same box. 

Unfortunately the dresses in ombred blue never got dyed by Ann, who Did dye the hair of Forest Jem.

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