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Took News break for Mental Health, Gave Myself Time to Sort some things out.

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I Took a Bad News Break.  It's a necessary part of mental health.  But maybe someone besides me would like a chance to take the survey.  You will receive follow up messages, but can unsubscribe.

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I could not Endure a job which forced me to keep reporting to the public on cases like This!

Trigger Warning!  Those who have survived sexual abuse may be very distressed by this next message.  But it Is something on which we need to take action.

Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced a man to 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old girl
and then blamed the girl for her own rape.
Can you sign the petition demanding that Montana's Judicial Standards Commission
and Supreme Court remove him from the bench?
click here
Click Here
Cherice Moralez was just 14 when her 49-year old teacher repeatedly raped her. Two
years later, Cherice committed suicide--and according to her mother, the trauma of
rape was a major factor in her death.
But on Monday, 5 years after the rape,
Billings, Montana Judge G.
Todd Baugh sent her rapist to prison for just 30 days
. In his ruling, he justified the light sentence because he said the victim was “as
much in control of the situation” as her rapist and that she was “older than her
chronological age.”
THIS is rape culture at its worst: when our courts can let a man who raped a child
go free after just days in jail and then blame the child for her own rape.
Judge Baugh’s statement has made national news, and outrage in Montana is growing.
Under Montana law, the Judicial Standards Commission and Supreme Court can suspend
 And the pressure is mounting on authorities to act--this morning, hundreds of Montanans
are expected to protest in downtown Billings.
If tens of thousands of us from all over the country join with local protesters and
speak out, we can make sure that the Montana courts disrobe Judge Baugh so he can
never let a rapist off the hook again.
 Can you sign the petition?
Sign the petition demanding that Judge Baugh be removed from the bench.
Cherice Moralez’s mother was in the courtroom when the Judge blamed her daughter
for her own rape. “I guess somehow it makes a rape more acceptable if you blame the
victim, even if she was only 14,” she said in a written statement after the sentencing.
Originally, Judge Baugh gave the rapist, Stacey Rombard, no jail time at all, sending
him to a sex offender rehabilitation program instead. Rombard was back in court after
violating the rules of the program--including the provision that bans him from having
contact with children.
 But Judge Baugh thought he still shouldn't serve his full sentence, suspending all
but 31 days and giving him a credit for one day he had already served.
Rape is an epidemic in this country--1 in 5 women has been the victim of an attempted
or completed rape.
 But less than half of all rape cases are reported, and only 3% of rapists spend
a single day in jail.
No wonder so many survivors don’t come forward when the justice system seems stacked
against them and a judge can blame a survivor for the attacks against them instead
of the actual rapist.
A judge who thinks a 14-year-old girl is to blame for her own rape should not be
on the bench
. Pressure is mounting in Montana for the court system to do something about this
quickly. If we all speak out, we can make sure Judge Baugh is suspended and can never
rule on a case like this again. Will you sign the petition?
Add your name.
Thanks for speaking out.
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda and Karin, the UltraViolet team
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, Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
Want to support our work?
 UltraViolet is funded by members like you, and our tiny staff ensures small contributions
go a long way.
Chip in here.
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It's About Safeguarding Our Food Supply, GO BEEKS!

Good News  of the fight against  one multi-national at a garden show selling pesticides which kill honey bees.  

Dear friends,
I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago, where beekeepers from across the
US were speaking out about the danger of bee-killing pesticides
 on behalf of thousands of SumOfUs supporters. And here’s what I learned: the pesticide
industry really, really doesn’t want people to hear our message.
I went to Chicago to attend a massive commercial gardening convention, where the
beekeepers (who call themselves ‘beeks’) and I were delivering the voices of over
140,000 SumOfUs supporters.
Our message: stop selling the pesticides that are killing the bees!
 It wasn’t a message that Bayer and the pesticide giants wanted the world to hear.
I was barely off the plane in Chicago when I learned that the industry-sponsored
convention organizers had threatened SumOfUs with a lawsuit if we took our message
inside the convention grounds!
But we had come prepared (thanks to thousands of donations from SumOfUs supporters!)
-- and we didn’t leave until the beekeepers had reached out to thousands of commercial
garden center owners and the national media about the dangers of these bee-killing
pesticides. Here’s the most remarkable thing:
many of the garden center owners signed on in support as soon as they heard our message
-- exactly why Big Pesticide is scared of our campaign to save the bees.
Big Pesticide is determined to silence us, but we’re not going to let them
 -- and we won’t back down to legal intimidation. Our colorful bus ads blanketed
Chicago during the conference, and were featured on morning TV news across the US
-- and
now, thanks to you, we’re taking the message straight to garden center owners themselves
with ads in the biggest commercial garden publications.
 With your support, we’re going to keep fighting until these pesticides are banned
around the world and the bees -- and our food supply -- are safe.
Click here to see more photos of the beekeepers delivering our message in Chicago, and to share the campaign with your friends to keep building the opposition to bee-killing pesticides.
The threat of a lawsuit wasn’t the only tactic they used to silence us in Chicago.
They rolled out a full campaign of intimidation, including:
telling hotels across the city not to book rooms to our beekeepers, and not to allow
us to screen a documentary about bees;
ordering security guards to prevent our accredited beekeepers and two human-size
bees (okay, our friendly volunteers in bee costumes!) from entering the conference;
and even stopping an 85 year-old local beekeeper from delivering 140,000 signatures
from SumOfUs members to Bayer, one of the largest manufacturers of bee-killing pesticides!
Meanwhile, Bayer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on huge ads all over the
convention center and a booth advocating their “bee care” program, all the while
selling the pesticides that are killing them at the convention!
despite these dirty tactics, we got our message out loud and clear. Our beekeeper
friends had hundreds of one-on-one conversations with convention attendees
, handed out thousands of flyers about the deadly effects of ‘neonics’, the pesticides
that are killing the bees, plastered the city’s buses with our ads, and took the
city by swarm.
Bayer’s reaction shows one thing -- it’s scared.
 Europe has already banned these killer chemicals, so now the industry is fighting
with all they’ve got to dump the neonics on North America. Just last week, Time Magazine
wrote about the global bee die-off and neonic bee killers in its cover story, and
this week, the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordering an immediate
reduction in the use of these pesticides, and admitted that the chemical is partly
responsible for the disappearance of honey bees. Big Pesticide is terrified that
its profits will take a hit if we win in the US as well.
Thanks to your support,
we’re going to keep up the fight. First up, we’re planning hard-hitting ads in gardening
industry publications next month
, to make sure the garden center owners get this vital information. And we’ve got
more ideas in the works -- but after the legal threats in Chicago, we’re keeping
them under wraps to stop the industry from trying to block us again.
Together, we can save the bees. We hope you’ll stay with us until we win this fight.
On behalf of all of us,
Angus and the beekeepers (Terry, Reba, Sam, Amy, and Edie)
PS: we don’t take any corporate funding, so all of this and more is made possible
through your support.
If you want to donate to make sure that we can keep campaigning to save the bees
in the months ahead, you can do that
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
You can follow us on
, and like us on
Was this email forwarded to you?
Click here
 to add yourself to SumOfUs.

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