Monday, September 16, 2013

No More Credit Unions?

People, This Could be Big.

I want Local Credit Unions to survive because they tend to keep money for investment in the Local community.  Why should multi-national banks, which have no reason to care if a community dies, be allowed to run credit unions out?  Haven't we given them enough already?  

If Big Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo succeed in driving these credit
unions out of business,
the banks will cost us billions more as they build up a financial monopoly
Tell Bank of America and others to stop lobbying to end credit unions' tax exemptions.
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Bad feelings over the bailouts and extortionary bank fees have driven millions of
Americans into the arms of local credit unions. But instead of luring them back with
better customer service,
Big Banks are using their lobbying might to kill off credit unions, attempting to
destroy a crucial tax exemption that credit unions need to survive.
Big Banks sucked up over a trillion dollars in the bailouts, but now they’re claiming
that credit unions
 are a threat to the national deficit. Banks say that credit unions cost the government
$1.5 billion in lost tax revenue, but
if the banks get their way, it will end up costing us over ten billion dollars each
year in higher fees and rates.
Congress gets back from recess this week, and banks are about to kick off a big lobbying
push for the fall.
 The banks are trying to kill consumer-friendly credit unions so that they can raise
rates with impunity -- but we aren’t going to let them.
Tell Bank of America and its cronies to stop their crusade against credit unions.
We can’t afford a future without credit unions. If we show the banks just how much
this desperate gamble will backfire,
the threat of bad publicity and another banking scandal will cause the banks to rethink
their pricey lobbying push
. Large-scale protests have forced banks to change their tune before, and once word
gets out about the banks’ incredible greed, the backlash should send them packing.
Anytime that regulation is mentioned, bankers like to cry out about free-market principles.
banks use an army of lobbyists to shape legislation as they see fit. This time, they’ve
gone too far
 in trying to take out the competition. If we all step up today, we can stop this
in its tracks, and save consumer-friendly credit unions from extinction.
Tell the Big Banks to back off their bullying tactics and stop trying to kill the credit unions.
Thanks for all that you do,
Kaytee, Claiborne and the rest of us
More Information:
Banks pushing for repeal of credit unions' federal tax exemption,
 Los Angeles Times, 6 July 2013
Credit unions fight back against tax repeal efforts,
 Miami Herald, 8 September 2013
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