Sunday, January 22, 2012

Animals, doll Question, and Frustrations About blindness

OJ is still living, as are the other two flaps, (birds). None of them are happy, as the isolation cagews are smaller than the big one they shared. But until OJ's wing heals, its Iso. for him, (isolation cage). His cage is near enough to see, hear, and yell at the other two, so he will be Less scared than otherwise. Gives me the chance, the Joy? of cleaning the big bird cage, YUCK! Ann and I used to make this a team effort and I Don't like doing it alone, just as I don't seem to have the energy for a yowling, (talky?) cat when he wants attention, food, or anything else. I swear, he looks like a Russian Blue, but his eyes are the wrong color for that and from his Voice and Volume, I thing he's part Siamese. Ann was a much better cat chooser than me. She loved fuzzy buzzy lap cushions which she could mentally "get in tune with" and pur along. I like happy, playful, cuddly cats ok. This one just Ain't! Dude has Catitude out the . . . Oh Well.

Doll Question. Have you ever gotten a doll which just felt especially good, or bad? What I mean is, do you think any of the designer's feelings or intention actually survive the manufacturing process so that when you buy the doll it has a feeling which isn't yours connected with it? I have had this experience and just wondered if others have.

I don't like super straightened hair for African American or African dolls, and yet I like Grace of the SIS dolls. She just has a Feeling about her. I like Trichelle because of her cool clothes, curly hair, and the color contrast of her skin and hair. To me, these things make her more interesting than Kara. But I can't explain Why I like Grace. The glitter on her lip is cool, but Pink Ain't my favorite color, Especially for Dolls! Is this the favoritism which gave Grace the car?

New subject: Sometimes being blind is just a pain in the butt! Ann owned a boom box with a multi-CD. tray. I hate those because I can so Easily mix up CD.'s and their cases. All it takes is for me to push the button telling this machine to go to tray Three, and the machine goes to tray Two instead. I take out the CD. from what I Think is tray Three, put it in the Wrong cover, then put it away. Next time I want the CD. from tray Two, it's Gone, and the machine keeps switching to some other tray (probably three, Finally) and beginning to play the Wrong disk. I use this boom box for reading while I do kitchen work or sewing. The stereo (Yep, it actually has a Turn Table) in the living room has only One CD. tray, the way I Want it. Of course, the sollution is to keep only One CD. at a time in the kitchen boom box. I try. But once in a while I stupidly play a second one and this is all it takes to screw up two disks and two covers.

Also, I Cannot find a good way to cut out a Pattern! Annoying! I have to wait for a sighted person to help straighten out CD.'s and covers, And to cut anything out! So I guess I'll go clean the bird cage, Gross!

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  1. Don't forget, Dude is descended from royalty. His people were once worshiped ... ancient Egyptians and cats ... lol.

    Grace got the car because she is the "Barbie" or the leader of her group. No offense to the others, but they are her friends.

    Yes, some dolls do seem especially endearing. I think it has less to do with the creator's intention and more to do with the owner's sentiments. One of my Sideshow action figures - Odd Job is a specially dear figure to me because he reminds me of an uncle who died when I was a teen or young adult. A Hasbro Lando Calrissian reminds me of my father. And combining a Barbie head onto a poseable Liv body (Daniela's body to be specific) created a new doll, "Izzy-Never_Bella." Izzy doesn't remind me of anyone in particular, but I like how she seems to have this casual, cocky attitude on the Liv body.