Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A long time ago Ann told me that I would have to learn to work with patterns in sewing and learn to make the same things over and over. I was bummed by this, as I Never run out of new designs for doll clothing, in my head. Ann was so good at making patterns that I could just Describe clearly what a piece of finished clothing should look like and she could make a paper pattern for it and cut it out.

My problem has been that most of the time, I cannot sew as straight as a sewing machine. But I think I may have conquered this problem for Good! Ann was right, I did use a purchased pattern. And a sighted friend cut it out. But Then she put a line of half inch wide rough textured Tape along the pinned edge and I sewed just Inside the tape, along the edge. Today another sighted person looked at my work. She is someone I can Trust for an Honest opinion about How something Truly looks. She declared it Fantastic, and as good as doll clothing sold online! Finally, Yeh!!

So, I wuill keep ripping out and re-sewing my own designs, but I will Mostly use patterns and Taped pinned cloth. I can vary the patterns by decorative touches like ribbon, differing colors of cloth, bead work, etc. When I get better at it I can add sleeves or vary their length, or subtract them. But Finally finding a way to sew perfectly Straight is for me a Major Achievement! I called up the friend who suggested the tape idea to leave a Thank You message for when she gets home from work.

And OJ, the canary, is living and his wing is healing. The birds are back together now in a compltely cleaned cage, and I Won't play anymore canary tapes until Breeding season is Over, mit to late Feb. so maybe he won't try to love Father or Brother Rafi again and get beaten up for his trouble.

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  1. Congratulations on sewing "straight."

    Oh, OJ! Glad to hear he is doing better. Yes, sounds wiser not to have him listening to the canary tapes if the tapes affect him the Barry White's songs leave some people. Wink.