Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catching Up

I am reading a book on mumerology by Glynis McCanth, out of curiosity. I wondered if it would seem valid to me and am surprised at How valid it seems, most of the time. The book is "Glynis has Your Number." I am not very far through it, still learning what the differing numbers 1-9 represent. But I wonder some things.

First, how does disability effect the kind of person one's numerology chart says one is meant to be. I am thinking of Ann. She had a "5" attitude which was Very evident in her personality. Among other things, the "5" is the wanderer, adventure. Ann was so physically cisabled that she could only venture into the spiritual realm.

And I wonder how family environment influences the kind of person one's "numerology chart" says one is meant to be. So far, I don't have answers for these questions. But I will probably learn more as I read farther into the book. I cannot put together a chart for anyone, because I don't have Braille copies of the charts associating certain numbers with certain letters of the alphabet. Yet I still find the text of the book being read to me surprisingly accurate.

New subject. When I was a kid and the series "Roots" was on TV I missed it. I cannot remember if in that dormitory we were made to go to bed before each episode ended or Why I missed it. But I have always Wanted to read it. I am doing this now. The actor, professor, musician Avery Brooks is the book's reader at And he isn't reading, he's doing oral interpretation. I Cannot Imagine how Any African people Ever survived to get here, even though I knew a lot about some of the conditions under which they were violently transported here. When I stop listening, I'm in shock for a few minutes, not quite knowing where I am, and I have to re-orient myself in the present. I recommend it as a Vital part of American and African history to anyone who Hasn't read it!

Have been sewing for dolls while I read, simple patterns in my mind don't require thought as I sew. My hands know what to do. Have been, with help from a friend, working at Rehabbing (not a word, ok.) some garage sale fashion dolls, mostly Barbies.

It is in the fifties today and sunny here. Supposed to get into low sisties tomorrow, then get cold again. That first cold and snow was emotionally Hard to get through! Don't think I will like the cold at all This Winter.

And there is this:

Here's a copy and pasted version of the bill:
House Bill 1227, introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives on January 10,
2012, would, if enacted, require "the equal treatment of science instruction regarding
evolution and intelligent design,"
to the legislature's summary of the bill. The equal treatment provision would apply
to both public elementary and secondary schools and to "any introductory science
course taught at any public institution of higher education" in Missouri.
HB 1227's text is about 3000 words long, beginning with a declaration that the bill
is to be known as the Missouri Standard Science Act, followed by a defectively alphabetized
glossary providing idiosyncratic definitions of "analogous naturalistic processes,"
"biological evolution," "biological intelligent design," "destiny," "empirical data,"
"equal treatment," "hypothesis," "origin," "scientific theory," "scientific law,"
and "standard science."
Among the substantive provisions of the bill, applying both to public elementary
and secondary schools and to introductory science courses in public institutions
of higher education: "If scientific theory concerning biological origin is taught
in a course of study, biological evolution and biological intelligent design shall
be taught. Other scientific theory or theories of origin may be taught."
For public elementary and secondary schools, HB 1227 also provides, "If scientific
theory concerning biological origin is taught in a textbook, the textbook shall give
equal treatment to biological evolution and biological intelligent design." After
the bill is enacted, new textbooks purchased for the public schools will have to
conform to the equal treatment requirement. A committee will develop supplementary
material on "intelligent design" for optional interim use.
HB 1227 is apparently a descendent of
HB 911
in 2004, which was also dubbed the Missouri Standard Science Act, began with a glossary
of the same eleven terms (and also "extrapolated radiometric data"), would have required
equal treatment of "intelligent design" in the public elementary and secondary schools
(although not in public higher education), and would have required textbooks to conform
to the equal treatment requirement.
HB 911 was widely criticized, including by the Science Teachers of Missouri. A sequel
HB 1722
, also introduced in 2004, contained the same language as HB 911, but omitted provisions
that would have required the text of the bill to be posted in high school science
classrooms and that would have enabled the firing of teachers and administrators
who failed to comply with the law. Both bills died when the legislative session ended.
Rick Brattin (R-District 124) is the main sponsor of HB 1227; its cosponsors are
John McCaherty (R-District 90), Charlie Davis (R-District 128), Andrew Koenig (R-District
88), Sue Allen (R-District 92), and Darrell Pollock (R-District 146); Davis, Koenig,
and Pollock also cosponsored the antievolution HB 195 in 2011. HB 1227 is the fourth
antievolution bill of 2012, joining Indiana's
Senate Bill 89
and New Hampshire's
House Bills 1148 and 1157.

Me again: Creationism or Intelligent Design are products of monotheism and each religion springing from the Judeo-Christian tradition might differ as to the details, but could Probably agree on some form of this bill. I don't like it and will work against it's passage. Why?

To the Cherokee, their creation story explains this world Just as well as that of Christians, Moslems, or Jews. To the atheist, the monotheistic creation story is a myth. I believe in the Separation of Church and State! Teaching Intelligent Design is teaching monotheistic religion at publicly supported institutions. Do we Really want a Christian controled Educational System? Do we Want a Christian version of Iran or Saudi Arabia? And Whose monotheistic view should be promoted? Did God create the universe in a literal 7 days? Or as some Christians say, who knows what equals a day in the mind of God?

If a teacher has to say "this is what we know at this time" before teaching Science, ok. If a teacher is Forced to say, "and every religion has it's own explanation of creation" I can live with that. But in Public school and College, that is where it Must Stop!

Where will the Creation story stop, will it include Eve's bringing "original sin" to all humans by eating th apple in the garden?

On a brighter note, there is going to be a Buddhist temple built in a city near me. I hope I can visit it and that some of the teaching will be in English, as Asian American Buddhists are building it.

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