Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mixis Question and a Funny Conversation

I DO wish Blogger would give screen reader users like me access to the comments page! Then D7ana wouldn't end up answering most of my questions. But are there going to be a new line of Mixis dolls? Will they be the same dolls in new outfits or new "Mixes" of racial backgrounds? I would like to see the latter or some male Mixis dolls. Do these girls Have to date Ken! They're too smart! Well maybe they can meet a nice Power Ranger or G.I. Joe who is Home from the wars!

I've been sick with a vicious stomach but going around in our area which has lots of people out of work. It isn't a flu, which is respiratory, but they used to call it "the stomach flu" around here. No details, don't worry. But it's horrid and I'm keeping everyone I can away from me so They don't catch it.

That's what led to this funny conversation with a sighted friend.

(friend) "When I can't keep anything down I eat or even drink clear jello. Strawberry is my favorite, but you can get jello in any flavor."

(me) "Wait a minute, I'm confused, what is clear jello? Sighted people wouldn't drink something they could see through that has a flavor like strawberry."

(friend) "Oh, it's got red food coloring in it, but no fruit or marshmallows or things like that in it."

(me) "So it's just plain jello, right?"

(friend) "Yah, I guess so, plain jello with nothing in it."

(me) "Ok, got it. Does it help?"

To me, "clear red jello doesn't make sense. Or maybe it's red, but you can still see through it, translucent red jello? Makes about as much sense as that horrid nylon sewing thread which comes in "dark clear" and "light clear". Hu?

At least fishing line is still Clear clear, only you can see it, I'm told, because it is thick, has an edge. Maybe the only thing which is Really clear is that Clear is a subjective word when describing anything but glass with no coloring or water. And my bet is that there is sadly Precious little Clear water anymore. The river I used to swim in as a kid reflected everything and I was told you could still see every rock on the bottom. Now it isn't even Dark clear, it's just sick.

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  1. Hope you start feeling better. I recognize the phrase "stomach flu." No details ... but it has left me with a sore throat and aching, sore sides. Hope that wasn't too graphic for anyone.

    I'll get back to you via e-mail. Sorry, I did not realize Blogger comments were not accessible.

    The new Mixis dolls have the same body as the old Mixis (as far as I can tell). So there are part of the same line. However, they will have new face molds and different "mixed" backgrounds/races. So far, there are no male Mixis. So I suppose they can date Kens, Flavas, etc. ... well, maybe the Power Team guys are a little too mature for them? The Mixis are supposed to be teenagers, I think.

    I think of red clear like Jello or certain plastics as being like water with a little color added. Like Kool Aid or a lighter tea. I would probably use "red tinted" rather than "red clear" to describe plain red Jello. The clear means that you can make out other colors through the tint of the item. Like if I wore a white veil made from netting; you can make out details of my face, etc. through the "white" of the veil. But if I wore a white denim veil, that would be "solid" or "opaque" white where you could not determine my face's colors through that fabric.

    Coffee or orange juice are denser colors. Tea is often a more sheer beverage. That might be what your friend means by "red clear."

    Water here in Philly is definitely murky brown until it has been treated with chemicals.