Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three Questions, Threeo Subjects

First, what is the best way to block wind from around windows without damaging landlord's house? I know, of course, about putting plastic on outside of windows. Didn't do this because until last couple of weeks it could be 60 degrees F. and 20 degrees F. with thirgy MPH wind in the same week. I think it won't get above fifty degrees for a while. So, now is too cold to do this. If I tape thick clear plastic on Inside of window, it will strip paint off of woodwork Around window. Tiny finishing nails or tacks will leave holes in wood work and can't the wind blow through even tightly stretched plastid Between tacks? I can't afford solar curtains for each window, and what storm windown already exist are down. Weather stripping will help only at the Bottom of a window, not around the sides. Any other ideas for letting light in and keeping Wind out?

Second, for doll collectors, utility bills are piority now, but what does the action figure of Wai Lin look like? Is she Chinese? Her name is spelled like it is Chinese. And Which action figure is the "Phily Coollector" showing? I seemed to find Several Wai Lin figures when I put "Wai Lin action figure" in searchbox.

Third, it seems common for people to change the clothing of their action figures and dolls. Do you buy cloothing online from people who make it, from stores, or do you make it yourselves?


  1. There is a special kit for windows that has a plastic sheet and a special tape that does not stick for a long time to the area around the window. I'll check for that and get back to you with the name or names of those kits. They sell at Home Depot and probably at Lowes, too. Just saw them at HD.

    Wai Lin is a character in James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies. The actress is lovely; the doll is homely at best. I like the lines of her face. She is Malayasian.

    Here is information quoted about actress Michelle Yeoh:

    Michelle Yeoh
    Actress | Producer

    Born as Yang Zi Chong in the mining town of Ipoh in West Malaysia in the lunar year of the Tiger, she spoke English and Malay before Chinese. A ballet dancer since age 4, she moved to London, England to study at the Royal Academy as a teenager. After a brief dance career, she won the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant title in her native country and the Miss Moomba beauty pageant title in Melbourne... See full bio »

    Born:Yeoh Chu-Kheng
    August 6, 1962 in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

    on IMDb

    Will write again.

  2. Continuing my last message ...

    my Wai Lin is by Sideshow Collectibles. She has wavy, long black hair that is parted in the middle. Her face is long. She has painted eyes that look small and beady, a long nose, and a thin mouth. Her head is a little large. And it is made from a harder plastic than that used for most female dolls. The actress who played the character, Wai Lin, is a very pretty Asian woman. The doll is not pretty, but she is sort of interesting in spite of the lack of prettiness. Oh and she is a jointed doll.

    I change doll clothes from time to time. I have mostly used clothes that the dolls have worn or doll outfits that I bought (Barbie, etc.) I used to make doll clothes when I was young.

    I'll look into the window covering plastic.