Friday, January 20, 2012

Changes, Happier

Well, OJ the canary was still alive this morning. A friend stopped by and said that one of his wings was bloody and that the finch named Rafi had feathers pulled out. So they are now separated into different cages. Iremembered that either Neosporin (sorry about spelling, if wrong) or Tripple Antibiotic could be used on injured birds. Called pet store to find out if this was still true, (no new science, etc.) and when they said yes, OJ let himself be doctored. I am very glad to have found out what was wrong and to have separated the two combatants while both are still alive!

Many years ago Ann and I bought a White Hooded Nun Finch, and a Black Hooded Nun Finch. We decided since they were called "nuns" we'd start with "sister's" names. Mine, with the black hood was Sister Ursula, and Ann's with the white hood was Sister Rafaella. But Ursula's name had to be changed to Father Ursul, and Rafaella's name was Father Rafi. It has been canary mating season and OJ has no girlfriend. Far be it from me to harrass a gay canary, but evidently Father Rafi didn't appreciate OJ's advances. OJ is lucky his Eyes didn't get pecked out. When birds fight they can be Horrid! So, at least OJ and Rafi are alive today and I am Glad! The third living finch is Rosebug, she is smaller than the others, doesn't fight, and is a Rosy Rumped Wax Bill. Ursul died of old age in the Winter of 2010. He and Rafi were great buddies, being so similar that they could have interbred, If one of them Had been female.

Turkey's in the oven, I have some time to myself and clean up the kitchen mess, I am thankful!

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