Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Personal Changes

I remember now why I didn't like cane travel as a teenager. It is too damn Slow! Today I went out with a sighted friend following me and counted driveways from the end of the street to my house. There were Fourteen, except there were Really Sixteen, two of them had nearly adjoining driveways due to the way the garages were set up. I only counted these two Once Each. Decided I will start from other end where I am 2 or 3 driveways from a busy road. To go around parked cars, trash dumpsters, and make sure I have touched and counted Sixteen driveways, so I can turn in at the correct house, That is just Too much trouble!

I have worked with two Seeing Eye Dogs. they travel Much faster, three or four miles an hour. Most people walk at about two MPH. And after a few times of training, the dog automatically turns in at the right drive to the house where it lives.

But I have a very formerly mistreated dog who I'm not willing to leave while gone for three or four weeks training, and then come home with a New dog who goes everywhere with me. So guess I'll be caning it for a wile.

My sister gave me some ham a few days ago and a friend gave me a box of dry cereal which she didn't like. There are things I haven't eaten in years because Ann couldn't eat them. The salt and sugar in ham made it impractical for someone with high blood pressure and diabetes to eat. Most cereals, dry or cooked, have wheat, barley, or rye, (all of which a gluten intolerant person cannot eat) in them. And the ones which don't were so expensive we just stopped eating them. Also, dry cereals are Full of sugar. It is the second or third ingredient in most of them.

If I cold have what I want, it would be to have Ann here to talk to. We could live where we used to, where we knew a couple of neighbors, and had planted fruit trees.

But since I Can't have what I want, I try to enjoy new things when I can. So I've been enjoying eating some new foods and enjoying them. Nothing compared to having a partner to share things with, but pleasant change is pleasant change and I try to be thankful for All Pleasant change.

Some of the deer meat from the doe hunted for me was made into Summer sausage, flavored with jalape~no pepper. I like it! Ann could not have eaten much of it, too salty.

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