Tuesday, February 14, 2012

African American Dolls

Are Carrie, Darla, Betty, and Rashida, from Phily Collector blog all African American dolls? Anyone willing to take a crack at describing any of them for me? Are they Olmec or what toy company? I love th Ellisse face, didn't that doll used to have the name Naomi? Had one heck of a time finding description of Ellisse online, because of the spelling of her name. Computer kept calling her Ellis. Now I know to make it Spell doll Names.


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  1. Naomi has the same face as the Elisse face. Olmec changed their fashion doll's name from "Naomi" to "Elisse" because real-life model Naomi Campbell was going to have a fashion doll created to be called "Naomi" so Olmec.

    I am including a link to an article about the Naomi doll - please click on the last word of this sentence.

    I will describe the children tomorrow. With one exception, they are all Kelly dolls. The exception is Kianna, So in Style Kara's little sister. Kianna is the first child doll standing next to Naomi.

    I was so intent on describing Naomi's outfit, I forgot to describe the little girls. I look forward to doing so ... they are so adorable - big smile.