Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deaf-Blindness Difficulties

First there was the knitting loom mess. A sighted friend with Extreme patience trying to teach me how to use the thing, translating from watching to tactile instruction and there is No room for Four hands.

Then there was yesterday, an unexpected doorbell ring.I opened the door a crack and asked "Who is it" a male, with a very thick Ozarks accent who ran his words together said Something like, "Are you th one ordered all these (indistinguishable word)" I said no.

Then realized I Had ordered a number of "Snuggies" at a Spring discount for a drop in center for kids which closed at midnight. Some of those kids are homeless and it's still dropping into the 20's and 30's at night. Was that man who didn't identify himself at all trying to deliver These?

I found the Braille paper with the company name and had to call them, on amplified phone with hearing aids, to find out. They aren't supposed to arive for a week yet. Whew! Hope the dude Did have the wrong address for Whatever it was, I could Not understand him and he Was in a hurry.

Then there was this morning. Went to feed birds. If Rose Bug had been found dead at bottom of cage I'd have been sad, but not surprised. Instead when I went to add clean water to tray I touched the bloody leg of a Rose Bug somehow caught just above water container in cage bars. Her body was upside down in the water. Put a sandwich bag over my hand, lifted out her body. Scrubbed tray with Dawn, antibacterial dish soap before refilling it. I heard Rose Bug cheaping yesterday, was she caught then? If I had known, could I have Saved her? I will never know. How long did she have to suffer like that Before dying. Most birds leave their bodies Very quickly after perceiving a threat, at least the little ones do. I hope she did and wasn't cheeping for healp yesterday. We had a canary who was getting his toenails clipped once. Ann accidentally drew one tiny drop of blood, Not Life threatening, as she had the blood clotting sollution at hand and imediately applied it. But the canary thought he was dying and so did.

And, stepped bare foot into a cat hairball barf Before getting an E-mail saying state lagislature is working on a bill cutting medical help for disabled, including mentally ill and blind.

I have a friend who told me I was lucky not to have all of the expenses of a car. I thought about this. She's right, Only because I don't GO Anywhere! No movies, no eating out unless I help pay gas, $13 per hour to run errands for which I need to be present (farmer's market) as few trips to Dr. as I can manage, no trips to concerts, doll shopping, I get these stupid adds for Toys'r-Us But you have to GO to the store Just to see what's There! They Aren't Online sales, usually. No grocery runs on a whim because I just Feel like I want something, and no scoping out dolls Even at Wally World. If I did all of the things this friend does in a car, take vacatioons, go fishing, drive to work daily, go out to eat and shop, and used a Cab, No, I am Not lucky that I don't have my own car. Cab fares go up with gas prices. And I cannot understand drivers who run words together and do not speak Distinctly!
Sometimes I wish I dould Do Away with the struggle to understand speech and just hand someone a portable keyboard so I could read what they want to say in Braille, Or that I could learn ASL! Then I might have more people to Talk to!

So that's my rant. I don't need people telling me they are sorry it's so hard, I just need to say that it IS, sometimes.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Rose Bug's death. Birds sound like delicate pets. I commend you for taking care of your menagerie - not everyone shares her home with animals.

    I don't have a car, but I can ride our public transportation system or walk out. I hardly ever take cabs - aside from the expense, I would feel more vulnerable enclosed in a vehicle with a stranger. Guess I watch too many horror shows, lol.

    Ranting is acceptable blog form. I read that somewhere - wink.

    Oh, and is there anything that can be done - call making or email flooding - regarding your state's bill? Let me know. I'll post it on Facebook, etc.