Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poem by Christy L. Reid

I have received written permission from the mother of the deaf-blind child discussed recently in this blog to post Her poem about herself and her son. This is NOT my Writing below, it is the Copyrighted work of Christy L. Reid.

Hi Folks,
I write stories and some poetry. I thought you might enjoy this poem I wrote about
ben a year ago. Here it is below my name.
Lonely Journey
copyright 2011, By Christy L. Reid
His small, strong hands
Are holding mine,
bond by love and understanding,
We’re two of a kind.
Together, we travel a dark lonely road,
Each of us looking for our place,
But his road is longer,
He has more to learn and face.
He is still a child,
I struggle to meet his needs,
He looks up to me for guidance,
I am his lead.
The cats are his playmates,
Books are his friends,
It’s heart-wrenching,
To seldom see him grin.
Other kids are not patient,
To learn to talk with him,
The best way he understands,
Is a language spoken with the hands.
He is bright and creative,
He does very well in school,
But he lacks a social life,
Which is an important tool.
And because I’m the only other
Deaf-blind person around,
He tends to tease
And tries to trip me to the ground.
Things get frustrating,
Often out of hand,
He can’t hear me, I can’t see him,
We often crash heads.
To get his attention, I walk around the house,
Banging metal bowl against metal spoon,
The racket
Making a great boom.
This life is too crazy,
We desperately need a change,
We have hopes and dreams to pursue,
Let us travel the right lane.
I love him dearly,
I hold his small hands in mine,
Never giving up,
We gotta hold onto the line.

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