Friday, February 3, 2012

Forgot to Ask about "Prettie" Dolls

When do the "Prettie Dolls" come out? Since they all have the same face mold, I will just get one.

Also, What faces does Rebelde Lupita have, besides the Teresa face?

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  1. So far, the Prettie Girls are due out "Spring 2012" but with no specific date.

    I will do a post on them soon and describe each one; I hope that will help you decide which one you'd like best.

    All the Rebelde Lupitas that I have seen have the Teresa head mold. The only difference between the Schoolgirl Lupita and the Concert Lupita is their bodies: Schoolgirl has the hobbit body. Concert Lupita has a more mature, Barbie body with one arm bent to bring the microphone closer to her (so she can sing into the microphone).