Friday, February 24, 2012

Doll ID. Question

I have a doll who is built like a Maxie, only she's not blonde. Are all Maxie dolls blonde? This one has straight red hair and brown eyes. Her clothing may not be oiginal. It is a vest and short skirt, pink with black spots, if I remember correctly. I knew she was either Kenner or Hasbro, from her face and body shape. A friend "read" her for me. Above her bum are the words, "1997 Hasbro China H 15". Does anyone know who she could be?

I read long ago when looking at Jem and the Missfits about a doll whose name sounded something in "computer speak" like, "She-rock" is tthat a Maxie type doll? Oops, I lied, Two doll ID.s, I guess.

Thanks for any help you can offer and good night.


  1. Hasbro's Maxie has a red-haired, brown-eyed friend named Ashley. I have her; she has the markings you mention. Her original outfit was a white oversized tee shirt with red-black graphic print on it, short sleeves (to her elbow) and red trim at the neck. She also wore a print long shorts (skort?), an orange plastic sun visor, orange plastic earrings shaped like the number "10," white ankle socks, and white tennis shoes (I am a little fuzzy on the footwear.) She has a dark tanned complexion for a red-haired doll.

    Shana was a member of Jem's group, The Holograms. But now that I think, you might mean "She-Ra." "She-Ra" was the twin sister of He-Man. They were smaller figures ... more Dawn (Deluxe Topper) size, 5.5 inches.