Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scrambled Egg Life

They seem to have moved the edit box which I type in, in the old, not updated, Blogger. The New Updated version won't work with my speech output, Screen Reader. Typing is what I do here. Writing is either done with a lot of focus or in Braille. I have certainly done some writing here, but very little tonight.

I am coveting some of a certain doll collector's dolls for sale. Hum, coveting with my eyes? No. With my fingers? No. Guess I just have a Greedy Mind, but not too bad a one. I Will live without them just fine if the ones I'm interested in are already spoken for or sold.

Advocacy. Last week we, on the deaf-blind listserv, were All attempting to help a family get a better education for their deaf-blind child who IS on the Honor Role, but was being considered a possible "juvenile delinquent" because he lacks an ASL interpreter for most of the school day. He has no friends, social life, person who can speak his language, and for some Odd Reason he likes to skip school! He's depressed and tired. Having to concentrate Extremely hard just to understand what is happening all around you, plus a fear factor of Not knowing, that is Very exhausting!

I try to pick my battles in advocacy. The alternative is walking around bitching and snarling all of the time. But sometimes . . . What can you do?

This week, we don't yet know what is happening with our friends on the listserv. But I got an E-mail saying Medicaid cuts are up for blind people and the amendment has already been passed on the State House floor. Ok, I'm counted because I am blind and largely Deaf. So do I lose hearing aids if I need stronger ones and/or these break? Do I lose my artificial eyes and have to wear patches when these no longer fit in a few years? Do I lose my thyroid med. which is Directly related to my hearing loss? Or do I lose the anti-anxiety minimal dose med. or the low dose anti-depressant which helps me sleep, now that I cannot hear at night, and am still scared of living alone, though less scared than I was? Or worse than Some of these choices, do I lose the help of my friend and healthcare aide who reads the mail, helps me pay bills, reads documents to people I Cannot hear on the phone or when the info. needed is Only in print, spray spots clothing so I don't have to look like a slob, matches sewing thread to clothing so I can mend and sew and much more? This was a battle I felt dragged into. I was given a list of about fifteen legislators to write. I don't have Time to do this and live a life! So far I've written six and sent each of them one of two letters I have written. And at the end of the day I wonder does it Really make any difference. But sometimes it does. I hate it when in a "divide and conquer" strategy the legislature favors or picks on one group of people with disabilities more or less than another! But that's the way it is.

I need to get the flake out of this house and make some New friends!

I've been contacting Fair Trade organizations, asking what kind of verification they want to prove that I am gathering inventory for a business, as my county in Mo. doesn't issue a "wholesale license." So have been very busy. Tomorrow I go to investigate Digital Cameras, That ought to be a gas! Right up my alley. I can't Wait to freak the salesman. Ugh!

So I blew some money, still saving $8 and bought three audio books from, in the hope that one will grab my interest enough to help me calm down and get some serious sewing and beading done. If I Do get a digital camera, (actually it is When) I will have to learn how to use Speech on the computer to insert them into this blog, Interesting.

Enough and More than enough already! Later. th

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