Friday, February 3, 2012

Dolls and More Dolls

I am looking forward Very much to the new Mixis face mold! Hope they Do release it!

Today I got some dolls on sale at Toys'r-us. They are called something like "Black Label Basic" and the are Barbie girls and guys, Kens?

Pros, their faces are different and they have different colors of hair, a Black-haired guy? Confusion, I thought "Black Label" was whiskey.

Cons? I didn't realize their legs wouldn't bend until they were purchased and home. They remind me in shape most of the "Model of the Moment" dolls. They have larger hands, wider thighs, and the same kind of feet as the "Model of the Moment" series. I have two of those, The African American, did they call her Nikki too? and one with the revolting title "Pretty Young THING" who could be Latina. I find the Whole name annoying, but "THING" ESPECIALLY so.

I dressed one of the African American Model of the Moment dolls in the "Dancing Fire" outfit and she makes one Gorgeous Fire Goddess! The other looks interesting in Bohemian Barbie's bright outfit. She is so much thinner than Bohemian Barbie that this outfit, although Very expressive, looks like it Could be a Bright version of hijab, if she had a head covering. I tied the cape of the outfit around her neck, covering her shoulders and upper arms, so it doesn't quite fit the description. But it Is interesting how one doll can wear an outfit to show her body off and another with differing proportions can wear it as an expressive mor Covering outfit.

Back to the "Black Label" dolls. Their arms are permanently bent at an angle which best suits putting their hands on hips. I have no problem with Attitude, but no wonder their thin, must be Really hard to eat with arms like that.

They Are tough, the guys have big muscles in their arms and, of course, abs. How could anybody called "black label" go Anywhere without at Least a six-pack?

What do others think of these dolls? I like th faces, but they are hard to buy using only model numbers. And as someone who likes sewing, they will be a pain to sew for and dress, due to their bent limbs and lack of articulation. Not sure if I made a mistake, grabbing Something on sale or not. Comments?

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