Friday, August 26, 2011

Day Owl, Night Owl

From childhood I have been a natural night owl. So was Ann. If we were in the midst of a discussion, reading a book (audio) which we didn't want to quit, or engaged in our respective forms of art, it wasn't unusual for us to crash at three or four A.M. I remember Ann laughing once, saying how confused she was, as the Sun was on the wrong side of the world. For some reason, she had to get up early.

On weekends it is still normal for me to keep my old hours. But during the week, since I now ned help reading Everything flat, (written in Print) and cannot match colors or have a double check by asking Ann, I get up in the morning, to meet the wonderful person who is my healthcare aide and helps me to do these things.

By the way, I used to match clothing by never buying two of the same item (shirts or blouses for example) which felt exactly alike. Also, with Ann's laundry included, I could put only one of my outfits in the washer at a time. When it was dry, I hung it up or folded it away.

But with only my laundry to do, and with the temperature this Summer in the upper 90's and 100's, I've been wearing T-shirts and matching shorts. I was given some of these clothes, for which I am Very thankful!

But I now need help matching identical feeling shirts with shorts. Sock matching is something I have Always needed help doing. I may need to buy some of those little Braille color tags to sew into clothing. But as they are metal, if they aren't sewn in the right place, they Scratch.

I have realized that I need to get up a Minimum of two hours Before my healthcare aide comes, in order to be organized about what I need help with and have a Clear head. But I Still rarely sleep Before midnight or 1:00 A.M.

So I often crash in the late afternoon. If I took some kind of energy boost in the late afternoon, I think I'd become unhealthy from lack of sleep. I am having some minor health concerns now, from the stress of this year and moving things which I probably shouldn't be moving, furniture. I have No desire to make these concerns into problems.

So, like nearly every older person I know, I take a nap sometime in the afternoon. When I think of it in this way it's a bit scary, but night is when I can sew or bead or weave or write Without being disturbed, so I like to have this time free to work.

I have come to Enjoy the sun on my face in the morning. I greet the Sun, Sky and Earth as I take out the dog. Of course, I don't do it in a visible way which would draw attention.

So I guess I'm a Night Owl, Day Bird, very odd.

When it is extremely hot here I have Never understood Why the Ozarks doesn't take an afternoon sies (does that word begin with a C or an S?) like the sensible people of Mexico do.

Work from 8:00 A.M. (or earlier) until noon, chill out between noon and 4:00 P.M., go back to work from 4:00 to 8:00, then have supper, or dinner, at 9:00. This puts bedtime at about midnight, a perfectly Reasonable thing to do.

But it never happens. This schedule gives you exposure to the least heat and Still get in at least an eight hour work day. And it allows for enjoying whatever relative cool there is in the evening, Perfectly Sensible, to me.

But today is lovely day! Topping out in the mid-80's! I plan to enjoy as Much of it as possible!

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