Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Happier Thoughts

Got the patch done, turned out well, nice and flat underneath the shirt. Also did my part in designing piece of clothing, someone else found to draw and cut it out.

A Comforting thing happened today, I got an old friend of a book "Way Station" by Cliford Simak, to read. Listened to it while sewing and found myself enjoying them Both, Surprising! Ate health nut super followed by two non-health nut cookies.

Maybe tomorrow I'll clean out left overs in fridge., make big pot of soup. But hopefully not Too big, or I'll be Eating the stuff for Weeks! Is "yuck" spellec that way, or the way Ann always favored, "yuch"? Anyway, when I lived alone many years ago, it didn't bother me to eat leftovers for two weeks or more, after a short break when they were frozen. But Ann's mother was and probably still is a menu planner, all leftovers used up in a short time. I'm not that organized, but when cooking for two, we usually (not always) managed to wipe out a casserole or soup in a week. If not, I usually ate the leftovers which were bothering Ann. What Good is a slow cooker for One person? Have to invite friends over for soup and home made bread from a mix. My Earth Mother days (Everything made from scratch) are over!

Can't make soup too spicy if inviting friends to share.

I did another thing today, ordered a couple of dolls I've been wanting for a long time. Scary to spend the money without anyone there to ceck with. We always consulted one another about any purchase costing more than $7 or $8.

Sometime I'll write about a blind person's (at least One blind person's) perspective on fashion dolls.

So maybe tomorrow I'll just Chill and Read! Or maybe I will catch up with Email or do something creative, like submit that article to the newsletter reviewing a book banned in Stockton, Mo. "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Mr. Sherman Alexi. Honesty about history, is that what got it banned, or was it honesty about being a teenage boy? In either case, I think it's a Good book for kids to read, And adults. But I've never lived in Stockton.

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