Friday, August 5, 2011

De-Buddizing the House?

A very intelligent young person will be visiting me soon. Her parents are devout Christians and I have no wish to interfere in any way with her beliefs.

But I think I'll still be me. I went into a panic when a relative informed me of the dates when my visitor will come. Should I get rid of the altar shelves in nearly every room?

I've heard of de-dyking a house, the movie "The Bird Cage" is all about an attempt to de-gay a home, so what should I do?

I warned my relative of when our Buddhist group meets here, so my guest Won't be exposed to that. Do I owe anything more? I don't think so. Maybe my relation, whom I love, has already warned the guest about me. Who knows? That's Not my problem.

I think I will just leave things in place. If the altar shelves are ignored, I won't bring them up. If I am asked questions I will try to do some education. One of the things I Like Most about Buddhism is that it is Not a Missionary belief system.

It's kind of like the birds and bees talk, answer what is asked and no more than a person wants to hear.

Maybe sometime I will write about what I like best in Buddhism.

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