Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Resources Waste

My young visitor wasn't interested in helping me create a "worm house" even though there were no worms in it. So today I did it with another adult. What is a "worm house"? It's a compost ben.

I prefer using a compost tumbler of some kind. But when I had to move, it was too full to lift safely. The compost was dumped and I gave the tumbler to my sister and brother-in-law, who have been wonderful to me, helping in every way they knew, since Ann died.

I tried to convince my visitor that it would be Just like making a layer cake for worms, but no luck. When I first moved here I had to throw coffee grounds, egg shells, refrigerator experiments, and bones in the trash. This Really got on my Nerves!

Sacred Resources: water, (what we are mostly phisically made of) dirt, (what supports our physical lives along with rain, wind, and sun) compost (giving back to the Earth those nutrients we take from her body to survive.)

So when I couldn't Stand it anymore, I decided to make a "worm house". A big plastic trash can was the start. A friend's bad potatoes (Oh dear, did I do a Dan Quail spelling just now?) and onions, then dirt. Next add outer withered leaves of greens, bad spots in tomatoes, and bones cooked with meat in a slow cooker until I could crumble parts of them up with my hands, why Buy Bonemeal for the garden? Another layer of dirt, topped with old yogurt. Poke small holes all around the trash can and its lid, set in the shade, add living worms. A worm layer cake. I can sell the compost next Spring or give it away. It will be hard to turn in such an enclosed space, but I'll use a short spade and do my best. By next Spring, I'll have something worthwhile to give back to the Earth, whether I can use it or not.

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