Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, as of last night it Looked like some of us won't be homeless, due to lack of Social Security and Disability Insurance checks. I know one woman, working for Just over minimum wage to support three kids and a husband who has become disabled. She was afraid of Housing Assistance being cut off and having her whole family become homeless. She And I would like to thank the Senate for rejecting the House Bill Before the hoped for compromise last night!

Got my amplified phone set up today, hoping my check will come through. What a Relief! not to struggle, ask impatient people to repeat, feel embarrassed when trying to Use the Phone! I am Thankful! Don't have the equipment to use the Relay Service, where a person, (the Relay Operator) types what someone says to me and it would come up in Braille. I don't need that equipment, if I can use amplified phone plus hearing aids.

Next project is a wireless door bell. My Dog Bell was sick over the weekend and didn't bark or come and get me at all, when someone came to the door.

New subject: Why are the TV shows I liked the best always called "edgey" by reviewers? That must be a Hollywood word for realistic. I am watching reruns of my Favorite Star Trek spin-off, Deep Space Nine. It was always described as "edgey."

Is that because it was a show gronups could enjoy and Believable problems to solve? If we Humans can't "get along" it seems Perfectly believable to me that different species of aliens plus humans would have problems and conflicts. Also, the love between Major Kira (sorry, haven't read That one in Braille, may be misspelled) and Odo is Grown up! First they get to know one another, then they are friends, then he learns to love her and she is surprised by her mutual attraction to him. This is much mre realistic than Most TV relationships.

Does "edgey" mean that there are lessons which can be learned from fiction and applied or used to analyze some Current situations? They make it sound like such a Big Deal, when I just think of it as TV for grownups.

I didn't like the characters in New Generation as much. It was like Data was replacing Spock, Riker was replacing Kirk, Troy was eye candy and her character wasn't developed well. And Warf's character got Much more interesting on Deep Space Nine.

I could tell there was anger or tension in a room before the Telepath Troy Sensed it, and I listened to the show Blind.

There should be a category for "Voice Candy." The actor who played Captain Sisco was and is a joy to hear!

I liked Patrick Stewart better as Professor X than as Captain Picard.

Voyater was hit and miss. Some episodes were Truly outstancing and some were just ok. Nivce to see a Native American who did more than grunt and follow orders. Seven of Nine was interesting, as was Bellanna Torez. When attempting to spell these names right all I can do is Try to get this talking computer to pronounce them correctly and hope I'm close. But then this Is the computer which pronounces a cancer inhibiting mushroom Shit I Take. And it's not my spelling either, I've had a friend read the bag.

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