Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We are Waiting

I'm sending you this check for $10, while my friends with disabilities and I wait. We wait to see if our checks, (Social Security retirement, survivor's benefits, disability insurance, and supplemental security income, which is partially federally funded) will come in August if the Government defaults on its debts.

We wait knowing that just missing one check will make some people homeless. We wonder how patient our landlords will be. We don't think those of us with visible disabilities will last too long out there. It reminds me of Katrina, Again!

Many oof us have a desire to contribute to society. We helped after the earthquake in Haiti, we helped after the tornado in Joplin, and with many disasters in between. We adopt kids, foster kids, teach Braille or ASL for free, and much more.

But no one Forgives us our debts or bails Us iout, like the large banks were Forgiven or Bailed out.

So we wait. We wait while imigrants who would be glad to be put on a "path to citizenship" including learning English, paying taxes, and learning how our Government is Supposed to work are deported.

We wait as gas prices and food prices rise while corporate CEO.'s, NOT Small Business Owners, make millions in salaries Plus bonuses and I, for one, am getting Sick of it!

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