Tuesday, November 29, 2011

18 inch dolls and hily Collector Sale?

Hey Phily Collector, is your doll sale over? I couldn't figure out, after following your link, Where your stuff Was on the page, from my computer's speech.

New subject. Maybe no one cares since some or maybe all of you are collectors of 1/6 scale dolls and action figures. But after describing my impressions of a BFC. 18 inch hard vinyl doll, I thought the Joourney Girls deserved a write up. I like them and understand how they can compete with American Girl dolls. They are a bit older, supposed to be ten instead of eight. So they have slight beginnings of breasts. There is an African American doll who, I've been told, looks just like the picture of the little girl on the box. She has a wonderful curly Afro which is black, and brown eyes. There is an Asian American doll who is darker than the BFC. doll Yuko. No one can guess what country her Asian ancestry is from. I like her corduroy pants, sparkly tank top, (Pink, of course, bummer) and fau leather jacket with fau fur trim. She has boots which are trimmed in the same fau fur as her jacket. Her hair is straight and black. There is a European American blonde with blue eyes, I don't kno how her hair is or her clothes. (Still undescribed) A European American with brown hair, glasses, and I think blue eyes, and a European American with curly auburn hair and green eyes. There is a Latina with tan skin, a round face, and I think I was told she had chestnut colored hair and brown eyes. So why no Native American doll? It Should be popular.

The quality of these dolls' hair is good and can be styled, except for the African American doll, whose hair could be over straightened or tangled from combing. The dolls are posable with vinyl arms and legs and soft middles. There heads turn from side to side but don't nod. I like the clothes of the Asian American doll best, but I do believe All of them have Pink in their clothes, Gag! Too Much Pink in doll world!

These dolls are vinyl to just above the waist, so sit up well.

They can wear American Girl doll clothes and cost between $29 and $35, instead of $100 or More!

Ok, I confess, I bought at least one. No, not All of them. They are hugable! Ann and I used to hug one another before going to our rooms to crash. In this new place with some new people I'm not anxious to go around hugging strangers.

The eyes of these dolls do not open and close, I feel sorry for them. You can see too much, physically and metaphorically, if you can't close your eyes. The eyes of the BFC. doll don't close either. In my opinion, her black straight hair which is cut in layers, gets rough at the ends from too much combing, but the Journey Girls don't seem to have this problem.

Journey Girls have no articulation at ankles and wrists, none at the elbows either.

I can understand the lure of the American Girl Historical Characters but they are budget breakers and a child with an imagination can put her or his doll into any place and time. The historical stuff is inspiring and probably the Journey Girls can't match the narratives of Historical Characters. But Taryn, the African American doll wants to play jazz in New Orleans. They Do have Goals which Have to be Worked toward. Obviously, I like these dolls. I'm old fashioned when it comes to kid's clothes though, and don't like some of the short skirts of some of the dolls. Hey, I'm not sure Taryn Has any pink in her outfit! Yeah!

More than enough for now, sorry if you were bored. I do still work with (sew for) 1/6 scale dolls.

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